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Epstien's little black book

By Tenpoundbass following x   2019 Jul 15, 8:06am 188 views   3 comments   watch   nsfw   quote     share    

Funny how Trump and Deshowits' names are in there, but Clinton's name has curiosly been scrubbed. Remember folks they've got a Homey named Comey on the inside scrubbing things, then leaking it to the press. This is the biggest horse shit that some names we all know damn well were known to pal around with Jeffery are curiously missing in this black book. No Hollywood A Listers, no Pedosta's no Prince Andrew, no Sheiks, no Clinton's, no Paris Hilton. But we've got Dershowitz and Donald proudly displayed.

Watch 'em! Watch 'em! They are pulling their James Comey Shit on Jeffery Epstien. I fully expect Donald Trump will be under investigation for pedodom and soliciting prostitution before Epstein sees another Jail sentence from this.

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By the time they're done, Epstein will be a victim of Trump's evil cabal, with the twisted OrangeManBad holding the poor Epstein in thrall to do Trump's twisted bidding.

Prince Andrew? I never saw any Prince Andrew. Those Lolita shots are photoshopped fakes. Clinton was only there as an undercover investigator of Trump's crimes. Such a servant of the people, that man.

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