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Black people are pro-black people. It's OK for white people to be pro-white people.

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'They don't make it easy': Moment Meghan reveals she struggles with being in the public eye after Pharrell Williams congratulates the royal couple on their 'significant' relationship at the Lion King premiere


'When A-list power couples meet': Body language experts reveal how Meghan and Beyoncé embraced like old friends, were genuinely excited to meet each other and behaved like equal top-dogs at European premiere of The Lion King


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I would give anything right now to be a Share Cropper with global commodity prices.

There's a reason Black people aren't America's Farming backbone anymore. George Soros and his WTO minions wanted that action.
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In the context of it being perfectly appropriate for the Liberal media to produce White Bashing Commercials and Television shows, and Hollywood Actors to depict Trump being killed in violent ways, Rappers making Videos with creative ways of killing white people. I present you with this. But purely in the Context that the Liberals are cool with Selective Racism.

It's all fun and jokes right? Fuck Trump!

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Tenpoundbass says
Trump being killed in violent ways,

What's the problem?

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