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What a load of bullshit.

How can you tell? Easy!

“SB 330 is based on the premise that much of the housing we need has already been planned for by local communities,” -- right. 'based on the premise' is codespeak for 'you voters are the more gullible fucks than the dumbest blonde on my HS cheerleading team!'.

"The text of the final bill creates several prohibitions preventing “a county or city” from creating new rules" . - uh-hun. 'creating new rules' doesn't touch the old rules in place for NIMBYs to use!

More about what is 'new rules' vs 'old rules': This goes into effect January 1, 2020. Which leaves plenty of time between when Newsom the Scumbag signs it to when it is law for communities to issue those moratoriums & changing zoning, etc. that they will be later banned from doing.

And all of this is on purpose. To fool the Peters of the world into posting this bullshit about 'getting this problem solved!' on behalf of the NIMBY polls who voted for this crap.

As for Newsom, he put more effort into banging his best friend's wife than he will EVER put into actually solving this crisis. THAT is the truth, right then and there.

FYI: File uploading not working right now, @Patrick. Oh wait! It does but it doesn't take the response and insert it into this form field. I just grabbed the source from the XHR response for the call and inserted it here manually. I am using Chrome for Mac.

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