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Exchange Rate Sterling vs Dollar

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I'm asking for some advice/projections...

I have to move $250K to the UK in the next 6 months or so. (Buying an income rental property in London) I don't have the house picked out yet so I have some wiggle room (time-wize). I moved some of it about 6 months ago when it was around $1.48 to the Pound. Now I have to send more... We're hovering around $1.59.

I got really nervous recently when the Feds alluded to not ruling out QE in the next stimulus phase. The dollar took a bit of a beating since then to what it is now. I was unable to avoid the bump the pound got as I was property hunting in France. I almost sent the money last Thursday, but now I'm reading that the UK has double-dipped a bit too and may also may try to print their way out of this...

Seems to me these 2 nations are making a run for the bottom. With China stiff-arming them.

I guess my question is... what's going to happen in the next 6 months? Obviously the dollar is in a weak position and the Feds/Administration seem ok with that as it helps the trade issue and reduces the value of the US debt.

Anywayz... I can just smell something brewing and I don't really want to be caught up in it (or on the wrong side of it).

All crazy conspiracy theories entertained.

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Since nobody on here is psychic, why not buy some hard asset like silver as a hedge against fluctuation?

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Ok. Cool 2 great ideas. Will do.


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