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Democrats pussy out as Republicans make them swallow.

By Dan8267 following x   2011 Aug 2, 7:06am 498 views   1 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

Two-thirds of Americans say any agreement should include spending cuts and tax increases. Despite this overwhelming support for a compromise that involves both cuts and taxes on the rich, the budget deal calls for no tax increases including letting the Bush era tax cuts for the richest 1% to expire.

Republicans, who had never cared about the debt ceiling, successfully used the issue to bait Democrats into giving up on returning to Clinton era taxes. This brings up the question of whether the Democrats are just spineless idiots, or whether or not they are in cahoots with the Republicans to keep widening the rich-poor gap. Either way, the Democrats have once again sold out their constituents and lessened the difference between the two wings of our one party system.

The only hopes I have is that some other party will challenge the Republicrats or that the people will rise and demand instant run-off elections so that we can vote out of office all those politicians who simply refuse to listen to the people.


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What are you talking about Dan? There wasn't any changes, all they did is raise the debt limit with some vague idea to deal with the deficit problem later.

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