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Protect Your Comments

Premium members' comments cannot be deleted by the thread owner, unless the thread owner is also Premium.

Make Personal Contact With Other Users

Premium members can "befriend" any other forum user. If the other user accepts your friend request, then you can both see each other's real email address and can converse privately by email instead of just publicly on the forum. The other user does not need to be Premium.

Change Your Username

Premium members can change their username. Just edit your profile. Changing your username won't affect anything about your account except the name that gets displayed by your threads and comments.

Advertise Your Own Website

Premium members can add a URL to their profile that will get displayed next to every comment they make. The URL does not have a "nofollow" tag, so it will help increase your search engine karma, as well as being direct advertising for your own website, or for whatever website you want.

Get A Gold Star!

Premium members get a gold star next to their name, because they are the ones keeping alive and available to all the other users.

Subscription to Premium membership is via Paypal. Easily cancel at any time also using your PayPal account, 24 hours a day. There are no cancellation fees. You get full access for the whole month you paid for, no matter when you cancel. To cancel, log in to Paypal and then look for your subscriptions. If you are don't see your subscriptions right away, try this Paypal subscription search.

After subscribing, check your Paypal email address for your password. If not found, check your junk mail folder too. Email if you have questions.

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