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When you're Hot you're HOT! When you're not you're NOT! (
by Tenpoundbass in #DanBlowsLittleBoys on 27 Sep 2016  1 comment, latest a year ago Alicia Machado was named by Hillary Clinton as having been shamed for her weight in 1996 by Donald Trump, when she was Miss Universe and he bought the beauty...

Colbert says Trump was fighting off cold with cocaine (
by tovarichpeter in #DanBlowsLittleBoys on 27 Sep 2016  4 comments, latest a year ago Donald Trump didn’t prepare very much for Monday’s first debate with Hillary Clinton — and that was glaringly apparent to Stephen Colbert. The “Late Show” host said the Republican...

Robots will soon replace construction workers (
by tovarichpeter in #DanBlowsLittleBoys on 27 Sep 2016  2 comments, latest a year ago Alison Carnwath, the chairman of Land Securities, the 8.2bn FTSE 100 construction company. Speaking at the Institute of Directors annual convention, the veteran businesswoman said the pace of technological...
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