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Too much cleavage on the airplane?
by jvolstad in #boobs   6 comments, latest 7 months ago #boobs
Something is missing here...........
by iwog in #boobs   27 comments, latest 8 months ago
Breast augmentation surgery is in free fall
by zzyzzx in #boobs   40 comments, latest 10 months ago The analyst pointed to a decline in breast augmentations as one example of consumers' changing tastes. Roughly 279,000 American women went under the knife in 2015, down from nearly...
Topless Female Sunbather Gets Exposed By Google Street View Cameraman
by zzyzzx in #boobs   5 comments, latest 2 years ago A topless woman sunbathing on a Mexico beach was photographed by a Google worker carrying a portable Street View camera rig and can now be seen with only her...
Topless In Public? Fort Collins Wants Your Opinion
by zzyzzx in #boobs   14 comments, latest 2 years ago FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4)– The City of Fort Collins wants to know what you think about women going topless and whether it should be allowed in city limits. Fort...
Smoking pot thought to cause man boobs
by zzyzzx in #boobs   14 comments, latest 4 years ago (CNN) -- A young man in his 20s -- let's call him George -- sits across from me in the exam room. "Dr. Youn," he says, "I have man...
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