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Huma Abedin Kept Thousands of Hillary Emails in Folder Labeled "Life Insurance" (
by freespeechforever in #Corruption on 31 Oct 2016  2 comments, latest a year ago Huma Abedin kept emails “Life Insurance” folder. By Wayne Thomas October 31, 2016 It seems Huma Abedin is worried enough about Hillary Clinton to take precautions. She...

New York probes EpiPen maker (
by tvgnus in #corruption on 6 Sep 2016  4 comments, latest a year ago
http://www.centralvalleybusine Launches antitrust investigation •  No childs life should be put at risk because of a drug-makers anti-competitive practices Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc., the maker of EpiPens, is the target of...

EpiPen Price Rise Sparks Concern for Allergy Sufferers (
by zzyzzx in #corruption on 24 Aug 2016  67 comments, latest a year ago A steep increase in the price of the EpiPen, a lifesaving injection device for people with severe allergies, has sparked outrage among consumers and lawmakers who worry that parents...

Some are more equal than others (
by errc in #corruption on 23 Aug 2016  2 comments, latest a year ago Researchers suggest the evidence is no random coincidence: They say the trend may in fact expose a conduit of influence peddling in which powerful lawmakers are using their position...
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