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9 Dead, many injured in truck "incident" at German Christmas Market
by Feux Follets in #Germany   22 comments, latest 9 months ago
Berlin police say a truck has run into a crowded Christmas market in the center of Berlin killing at least nine people, and causing multiple injuries. Police said on Twitter...
Finally: Germany Considers Sending Rapefugees Back
by zzyzzx in #germany   3 comments, latest a year ago Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere says that Germany has done its bit to help rapefugees, but needed help from the rest of the bloc to take in migrants. De...

A future full of suprises.
by HEY YOU in #germany   5 comments, latest a year ago
http://robinwestenra.blogspot. The German government has begun sending out Conscription (Draft) Orders for military service and the people being drafted into the Army are DOCTORS!  SuperStation95 has confirmed two (2) individual Doctors who...
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