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Rin loves Hillary Clinton
by Rin in #hillaryclinton   12 comments, latest a year ago
Ok, it's official. For the first time, I'd lied on PatNet but I confess, whereas Hillary had been lying all along. One lie vs a thousand truths, who would you...
Rin is not going to vote, period!
by Rin in #hillaryclinton   7 comments, latest a year ago
For one, I live in Massachusetts and thus, it's already a forgone conclusion that its electoral college pool will go Democratic. The last time that didn't occur was with Walter...
Rin is more honest than Hillary Clinton
by Rin in #hillaryclinton   20 comments, latest a year ago
I'd avoided political topics for this entire period of time until 9/11 ... Hillary Clinton has been nothing but disingenuous, about everything she'd done in life, including her current health...
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