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Record $135 billion a year for illegal immigration, average $8,075 each, $25,000 in NY (
by zzyzzx in #illegalaliens   18 comments, latest 4 days ago
http://www.washingtonexaminer. The swelling population of illegal immigrants and their kids is costing American taxpayers $135 billion a year, the highest ever, driven by free medical care, education and a huge...

Illegal alien Montes expressed surprise that the laws against illegal aliens would ever be enforced. (
by zzyzzx in #illegalaliens   12 comments, latest 3 months ago First Illegal Alien ‘DREAMer’ Sent Back to Native Mexico Under Trump Juan Manuel Montes, 23, is the first illegal alien who applied for temporary protection from lawful deportation to...

Is Phoenix Going To Have Mexican Riots?
by The Original Bankster in #illegalaliens   1 comment, latest a year ago
will Phoenix have Mexican Riots when they try to remove the illegal aliens? #illegalaliens
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