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PPP poll quantifies AF/DBoAFD demographic: 4% of population
by HydroCabron in #ironmanisdansbitch   15 comments, latest a year ago
4 percent of Trump voters agree that Donald Trump "cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons," per new Public Policy Polling poll (B+ rating fivethirtyeight), but they'll vote for him anyway....
Syrian Rebel Kills Himself & Buddies Taking Selfie W/ Mob. Phone Bomb Detonator
by APOCALYPSEFUCK_is_ADORABLE in #ironmanisdansbitch   4 comments, latest a year ago #ironmanisdansbitch
Desperate Brock offers Cash for Gossip
by TwoScoopsMcGee in #ironmanisdansbitch   1 comment, latest a year ago
Former Republican Smear Master who became a current Democratic Smear Master, has decided to drag dollar bills through a trailer park the Upper East Side. It will fail of course,...
Best Cities To Buy, Best Cities To Rent
by someone else in #ironmanisdansbitch   119 comments, latest a year ago
Using more than 5 million rents and prices, here are cities in the US ranked from best to worst deals for buyers, expressed as number of months of average rent...
Ana Reepen Gets 6 Years For Manslaughter/Felony DUI
by ohomen171 in #ironmanisdansbitch   1 comment, latest a year ago
Ana Reepen: 6 Years for Manslaughter/Felony DUI September 16, 2016 The People vs. Ana Reepen (case number NF437696): After victim impact statements, attorneys' arguments on aggravating and mitigating factors, and...

538: Evictions have been greatly undercounted.
by tovarichpeter in #ironmanisdansbitch   2 comments, latest a year ago Steve Williams is dogged — so dogged that he got bit by an actual dog. The dog attack happened while Williams was out doing his job: tracking down renters...
Cockroaches scurry for cover when the light is shined on them
by Tenpoundbass in #ironmanisdansbitch   13 comments, latest a year ago Enough is enough," he said after a Tuesday night interview on CNN. "We are not going to participate in this tit for tat." He has no more interviews scheduled....
Leftist hack site funny or die, just died.
by Tenpoundbass in #ironmanisdansbitch   2 comments, latest a year ago While Funny Or Die has grown as a company over the last several years, weve remained committed to creating premium comedy. As we move into the future, weve decided...
Sorry Texas liberals due diligence prevails
by Tenpoundbass in #ironmanisdansbitch   9 comments, latest a year ago An agreement between the State of Texas and groups that attempted to strike down the states photo voter identification law came to an agreement Wednesday that will keep the...

Beginners luck!
by Tenpoundbass in #ironmanisdansbitch   1 comment, latest a year ago Turneris “five months pregnant” and her home has been “broken into three times” in the past 7 months. She was in bed Friday when she thought she heard someone...
The GOP incumbents are America's biggest detriment to America after Liberals
by Tenpoundbass in #ironmanisdansbitch   1 comment, latest a year ago According to Hannity, if Trump loses in November, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) will be to blame for the loss because they...

Annoying Early Birds
by tovarichpeter in #ironmanisdansbitch   1 comment, latest a year ago
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