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Whether the water is salt or fresh,.... (
by Blurtman in #ObamaSucks on 28 Apr 2017  4 comments, latest 7 months ago
You Get What You Pay For Bottom line — Wall Street invested millions in Barack Obama’s career in 2008 and 2012. That investment paid off over the eight years of...

Elizabeth Warren: On the warpath over Obama's $400,000 speaking fee for healthcare conference (
by Blurtman in #ObamaSucks on 28 Apr 2017  17 comments, latest 7 months ago
Elizabeth Warren isn't too keen about former President Barack Obama's $400,000 fee to address a Wall Street conference on healthcare this fall. "I was troubled by that," the Massachusetts senator...

He had opportunities to help the working class, and he passed them up. (
by Blurtman in #ObamaSucks on 16 Jan 2017  7 comments, latest 10 months ago
Democrats can’t win until they recognize how bad Obama’s financial policies were Obama’s administration let big-bank executives off the hook for their roles in the crisis. Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.)...

Chicago gangs no longer fear police and bodies pile up. (
by lostand confused in #obamasucks on 31 Aug 2016  2 comments, latest a year ago Mario Petitti / Chicago Tribune Police officers emerge from the Robert Taylor Homes on Aug. 16, 1991, with weapons they confiscated while they searched for a sniper who shot...

Auto bailout and jobs (
by YesYNot in #obamasucks on 18 Aug 2016  Posted a year ago
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