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Senate bill is looking pretty good for us now....
by WildMind in #poltics on 2 Dec 2017  134 comments, latest 2 days ago
#poltics All the changes helped my $200k dual income family.... even though we won’t itemized anymore. Losing the SALT deduction and home equity loan interest deduction make it impossible to...

The term "fake news" was cooked up so you have an excuse to ignore criminality (
by iwog in #poltics on 19 Feb 2017  127 comments, latest 7 months ago
How many Trump supporters here will support prosecution for treason if it can be proven that the Trump administration colluded with Russian intelligence to throw the election? 1. The fact...

Wikileaks Revelation: Hillary Has No Real Support (
by zzyzzx in #poltics on 23 Jul 2016  21 comments, latest a year ago Wikileaks Revelation: Hillary Has No Real Support – Must Pay Off Youth Voters to Defend Her Online She’s the astroturfed candidate. Hillary is SOOO unpopular that she has to...
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