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Mormon Tabernacle Choir singer quits over Trump inaugural
by jvolstad in #SJW   1 comment, latest 9 months ago Well, this is certainly front page news......NOT! #SJW #Snowflake
Interesting glimmer of self-enlightenment about virtue signaling
by someone else in #sjw   11 comments, latest 9 months ago To appear well educated nowadays, you have to believe in the importance of equality of all people, and you need to use language that broadcasts this belief to the...
The Truck of Peace
by TwoScoopsMcGee in #SJW   4 comments, latest a year ago
SJWs Ruining California
by The Original Bankster in #sjw   2 comments, latest a year ago
SJW = enforced equality = higher taxes = less livable for working people. it's a pretty simple equation really. SJW or Social Marxism wants to "equalize" things. They usually...
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