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The 10 Highest-Paying Entry-Level Tech Jobs
by BayAreaObserver in #Tech   5 comments, latest 6 days ago
From AI to cloud computing to the Internet of Things, the technology sector is hot and its need for fresh talent is only getting hotter. According to the U.S. Bureau...
Trolls turned Tay, Microsofts fun millennial AI bot, into a genocidal maniac
by zzyzzx in #tech   6 comments, latest a month ago It took mere hours for the Internet to transform Tay, the teenage AI bot who wants to chat with and learn from millennials, into Tay, the racist and genocidal...
Smartphones are blamed for spreading HEAD LICE among children as they gather round to look at screens
by zzyzzx in #tech   12 comments, latest 2 months ago SMARTPHONES are fuelling a dramatic rise in head lice among British schoolchildren, scientists have claimed. Kids often cluster together in groups around their phones when taking photos, allowing the...
Robocallers should die, and fuck Texas
by Dan8267 in #tech   Posted 4 months ago
The number of robocallers has greatly increased in 2017. The NSA could easily track these fuckers down since they are recording everything and all metadata, but the lazy shits at...
Best tech improvement to my life in years: Swift keyboard
by Patrick in #tech   13 comments, latest 5 months ago This thing is freakin great! Instead of typing on a tiny keyboard on my phone, I can just swipe my finger around to approximately where the letters are, and...
Ars is teaming up with GOG and theyre giving away The Witcher Enhanced Edition to everyone
by BayAreaObserver in #Tech   1 comment, latest 5 months ago
Everybody gets a free copy of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition—and that's just the start. NOTE: Details in the article, no gimmicks I can see. Offer only good for 48 hours....
Yahoo's automatic classification of NSFW images, run backwards
by someone else in #tech   1 comment, latest 7 months ago
It can also generate the archetypes of NSFW images. Very interesting! #tech
Tencent: Inside China's killer app factory
by BayAreaObserver in #Tech   6 comments, latest 9 months ago
It is, says one banker, “a social enterprise powerhouse”: under one roof, it has amassed China’s answer to Facebook, WhatsApp, Spotify, Kindle and ApplePay. Chi Tsang, internet analyst at HSBC,...
Dominos makes first delivery by drone
by zzyzzx in #tech   4 comments, latest 10 months ago Stunt is hailed as ‘one giant leap for pizza THE world’s first pizza delivery by DRONE has taken place in New Zealand. In a stunt that could mark the...
It's cheaper than a doctor visit!!
by zzyzzx in #tech   Posted a year ago Roller coasters could be a cure for some kidney stones The research, led by Michigan State University, was prompted by the case of a patient suffering from kidney stones...
APOCALYPSEFUCK, get out your checkbook!!!
by zzyzzx in #tech   4 comments, latest a year ago The U.S. Army Is Firing 100 Mile Range, 5,000 Mile Per Hour 'Big' Guns An Army Howitzer is now firing a 5,000-miles per hour, high-tech, electromagnetic Hyper Velocity Projectile,...
Verizon LTE Advanced
by jvolstad in #tech   7 comments, latest a year ago It has really helped out in areas that are slow. Glad that my Nexus 5X supports it. #tech
How I built a Slack bot to help me find an apartment in San Francisco
by someone else in #tech   5 comments, latest a year ago Boston is cold, but finding an apartment in SF is scary We read that landlords hold open houses, and that you have to bring all of your paperwork to...
Costco's credit card nightmare just got even worse
by jvolstad in #tech   5 comments, latest a year ago If I worked for Citi in their IT department, I would probably be looking for a new job (Realtor?) right now. I have done a number of major IT...
Windows 10 Anniversary Update
by jvolstad in #Tech   8 comments, latest a year ago I have it on both my desktop as well as my laptop. Not too bad and everything seems to be working. #Tech
https everywhere intended to identify website owners?
by someone else in #tech   12 comments, latest a year ago
Recently Google has been pushing for all websites to use https, punishing the SEO rankings of those who do not: While at first glance this seems like a good...
Photo-realistic manipulation of eye gaze direction
by someone else in #tech   1 comment, latest a year ago In this work, we consider the task of generating highly-realistic images of a given face with a redirected gaze. We treat this problem as a specific instance of conditional...
Chinese drone can carry a person
by someone else in #tech   12 comments, latest 2 years ago Yes you heard right a giant autonomous drone that fits a human. Its basically what you would expect to see if someone shrunk you down to the size of...
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