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The Future of Gender Relations (
by resistance in #theredpill on 22 May 2016  1 comment, latest a year ago
We all know that hypergamy is now a huge issue. Most women have sex with bad boys (alphas) in their 20s, and then marry nice guys (betas) in their 30s...

Affirmative Consent Laws Are A Weapon
by resistance in #TheRedPill on 21 May 2016  4 comments, latest a year ago
"Affirmative Consent" laws are just a tool of the Feminist Imperative to allow women to change their minds (and their stories) after the fact to suit their personal solipsistic narrative....

Good insight about legal equality between men and women
by resistance in #theredpill on 4 May 2016  Posted 2 years ago
from #theredpill : by Demonspawn Equality in terms of political terminology means that everyone has the same rights and responsibilities. And that is a falsehood. Society will never hold women...
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