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Build That Wall!
by Blurtman in #BuildThatWall   4 comments, latest 5 months ago
'I love you': Mom pleaded with boyfriend as he sliced her to death with a machete then murdered her teen daughter and landlord in crazed attack Carlos Hernandez-Ventura killed his...
School trip cancelled over immigration concerns
by Blurtman in #BuildThatWall   9 comments, latest 3 months ago
Students at a western Washington high school are upset after a school tradition was canceled over immigration concerns. More than a hundred band, choir and orchestra members from Kentlake High...
Donald J' "Art Of Deal" Trump Got Played Like A Tool - Is About To Spend Like Drunken Democrat Further Exploding AlreadyMassive Deficit/Debt
by AllTruth in #BuildThatWall   Posted 3 months ago
What a fucking moron. He's also going to meet the "one smart cookie" punk-ass leader of North Korea and is "honored" to meet with him. #BuildThatWall #ThatIsAll
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