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Assange: New Clinton Revelations Next Week, Says Clinton Knew Meaning of "C"
by freespeechforever in #ImpeccableSources   6 comments, latest 1 year ago
I really hope this is proven (it would mean that Hillary lied to the FBI, as in'committed the felony of perjury - to impede an FBI/DOJ investigation, no less), as...
"Oh Shit" Guy Who Wiped Hillary's Server w/ BleachBit Was Just Granted Immunity
by AllTruth in #ImpeccableSources   3 comments, latest 1 year ago
According to new info from the New York Times, that "Undisclosed PRN Staff Member" is Paul Combetta and apparently his brazen honesty during FBI interviews came only after...
Good Ole Honest Joe
by Tenpoundbass in #ImpeccableSources   1 comment, latest 1 year ago
Monday after his campaign appearance at the Labor Day Parade Celebration in Pittsburgh, PA, Vice President Joe Biden told CNNs Jeff Zeleny that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton knows...
See you in the Funny papers
by Tenpoundbass in #impeccableSources   2 comments, latest 1 year ago
Chuck Dixon and Brett R. Smith, follows the shady connections and dealings between the Clinton Foundation donors, paid speeches given byBill Clinton, and actions approved by the U.S. State...
How big a pile of crap are the Clintons hiding?
by HEY YOU in #ImpeccableSources   Posted 1 year ago
"His allegation was simple: “this is a charity fraud.”...
Donald Trump's Alt-Right Brain
by neplusultra57 in #ImpeccableSources   6 comments, latest 1 year ago
"Mr. Trump’s white supremacist followers don’t take his disavowals too seriously. After all, he has enthusiastically retweeted bogus crime statistics and incendiary imagery from these websites and hired one...
Oil price manipulation crushes the market again.
by Tenpoundbass in #ImpeccableSources   1 comment, latest 1 year ago
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