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How To Build An Autocracy
by Rew in #LizardsForTrump   8 comments, latest 8 months ago
Plucked sections that resonated especially strong with me: In the early days of the Trump transition, Nic Dawes, a journalist who has worked in South Africa, delivered an...
Trump Asked Comey To Stop Investigating Flynn
by Rew in #LizardsForTrump   16 comments, latest 4 months ago
... quick reminder, Flynn, now let go twice, is a newly registered foreign agent ... of Russia. The snowball be bigly rollin'. #LizardsForTrump...
Donald Trump Preaches Angry Nationalism, While Practicing Goldman Sachs Capitalism
by Rew in #LizardsForTrump   4 comments, latest 8 months ago
"PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP’S INAUGURAL address was fiery and nationalistic, a considerable departure from the traditional Republican Party embrace of the free market and an activist foreign policy. ... But Trump’s...
Executive Order Violated Executive Order About Executive Orders
by Rew in #LizardsForTrump   2 comments, latest 8 months ago
I hope he steps across a big enough line that he can be impeached. tRump is causing so much chaos and damage that all of it cannot be stopped....
MABA : Make America Blow (Bubbles) Again : Dodd-Frank
by Rew in #LizardsForTrump   53 comments, latest 8 months ago
Sean Spicer "The Dodd-Frank Act is a disastrous policy that's hindering our markets, reducing the availability of credit and crippling our economy's ability to grow and create jobs." - 2/3/17...
Grab Your Wallet : voting with your dollars is picking up steam
by Rew in #LizardsForTrump   11 comments, latest 8 months ago
(Having thoughts of what Tdove might have to say here.) #LizardsForTrump ...
Flynn, no more. Wow. Stunning!
by Rew in #LizardsForTrump   136 comments, latest 7 months ago
Wasn't too look ago Flynn was saying "lock her up" and that Hillary was a big security risk. Trump administration very afraid of the Russian optics here, it seems....
The Netherlands Welcomes Trump (in his own words)
by Rew in #LizardsForTrump   2 comments, latest 8 months ago
. . . . . . . Pic for forum ... #LizardsForTrump
Trump : supporters fill in the blanks with wishes
by Rew in #LizardsForTrump   Posted 1 year ago
Intercept deals with Clinton Foundation
by TwoScoopsMcGee in #LizardsForTrump   8 comments, latest 1 year ago
The assertions above obscure the problems unearthed through years of investigative reporting on the foundation. Journalist David Sirota, who has reported extensively on the Clinton Foundation, rounded up a sample...
Trump just pulled out of Virginia ...
by Rew in #LizardsForTrump   12 comments, latest 1 year ago
... that was Virginia ... not va' ... yes. Currently, the way the electoral math is working it pretty much says he must take Penn, Florida, and Ohio, all...
Liberal Redneck : "Thanks Obama"
by Rew in #LizardsForTrump   1 comment, latest 9 months ago
Thank you for your service Obama. America will now get the government it deserves. #LizardsForTrump
What the beginning of trade declines and job losses looks like ...
by Rew in #LizardsForTrump   Posted 2 months ago
Trump jokes about removing dissent and taking away due process
by Rew in #LizardsForTrump   8 comments, latest 8 months ago
In my favorite sassy voice ... because ... well ... what else can you do? But in a more serious look, that's the leader of the executive branch joking about...
Can someone tell Trump he already won? What a disgrace.
by Rew in #LizardsForTrump   8 comments, latest 7 months ago
By frequency of tweets, it's pretty clear he is rattled. Here is what we voted into office ... ... just, wow. Gotta love that (306) too. How many of the...
Most say media is too easy on Trump
by tovarichpeter in #LizardsForTrump   10 comments, latest 1 year ago
Trump than said so of the Republican nominees in both 2012 and 2008. As for Clinton, views of whether she is being treated too easily tend to be more...
Trump promises to provide evidence against claims 'very soon' ...
by Rew in #LizardsForTrump   31 comments, latest 1 year ago
The real estate mogul repeatedly dismissed such claims (sexual misconduct allegations) during a rant at a rally in West Palm Beach, Florida, and claimed to have evidence that he...
White nationalists already losing faith in President-elect
by Rew in #LizardsForTrump   18 comments, latest 8 months ago
" ...Richard Spencer. He's the same man who stood at a podium shortly after Donald Trump's election and, in a video that went viral, shouted "Hail Trump!" while several in...
Trump cannot tweet straight (small hands, hard to type)
by Rew in #LizardsForTrump   1 comment, latest 8 months ago
Too bad the reply will show more class and thought than our new President probably ever will. Hey, who is ready for some amazingly unifying and inspiring inauguration moments...
Russia : Trump's Benghazi
by Rew in #LizardsForTrump   9 comments, latest 4 months ago
The exiting Obama administration had to hide, restrict access to, and spread gathered intelligence on Russia so that that incoming Trump administration could not easily destroy it all. Is...
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