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Real billionairs who make real contributions to charity
by tovarichpeter in #NJRetireeSeeksShitToEat   Posted 11 months ago
Sounds like Brad is a Trump man
by Tenpoundbass in #NJRetireeSeeksShitToEat   2 comments, latest 11 months ago
The Post on Tuesday. She hired a private eye because she felt that he was fooling around with her on the set, and it turns out, he was. And...
Today's Greatest Media Hits
by TwoScoopsMcGee in #NJRetireeSeeksShitToEat   Posted 11 months ago
Serious journalist pushes David Brock Smear Website Her husband, a Polish MP who lost his seat, was recorded on tape at a restaurant complaining he literally Sucked US Dick but...
It's all a big production, a play written by people who hate us.
by Tenpoundbass in #NJRetireeSeeksShitToEat   Posted 11 months ago
Leaks said in an email: 'The leaked files show the security level of our government. If terrorists hack emails of White House Office staff and get such sensitive information...
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