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Obama says he advised Trump to submit
by Blurtman in #Obey   4 comments, latest 7 months ago
Obama says he advised Trump to trust the U.S. intelligence community President Obama, in an interview that aired Sunday on ABC, said he told President-elect Donald Trump that he must...
Defense secretary pick Mattis calls the Deep State the top threat to our freedom
by Blurtman in #OBEY   3 comments, latest 7 months ago
Defense secretary nominee James Mattis on Thursday ranked Russia and the national debt as top threats to U.S. national security and said that President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran was...
Europe warns US against hurting cohesion, favoring Russia
by Blurtman in #Obey   1 comment, latest 6 months ago
Munich (Germany) (AFP) - European leaders Friday fired a salvo of warnings against Washington, cautioning it against hurting EU cohesion, abandoning shared values and seeking a rapprochement with Russia behind...
Project MKUltra 2000
by Blurtman in #Obey   Posted 7 months ago
The incident that sparked his hospitalization occurred in November when Santiago walked into an FBI office in Anchorage claiming the government was controlling his mind and forcing him to watch...
Intel community trying to undermine Trump's presidency
by Blurtman in #Obey   Posted 6 months ago
Military industrial complex - intel conspiracy. Keep the wars going or else. #Obey
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