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White Helmets: Instrument for regime change in Syria?
by BayAreaObserver in #Syria   2 comments, latest 10 months ago
The increasing US trend of weaponizing human rights is threatening a rules-based liberal order. The systematic corrosion of these international norms with attendant disastrous consequences has been demonstrated in Iraq,...
Peter Hitchens: Supporting Jihad in Syria
by TwoScoopsMcGee in #Syria   1 comment, latest 2 years ago
I don’t think the British or American governments really want to fight the Islamic State. They just want to look as if they are doing so. I judge these...
Hope this leads to nuclear war with Russia.
by HEY YOU in #syria   1 comment, latest 1 year ago
Just when you thought US foreign policy could not get more absurd. Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, who is listed as "commander of US forces in Iraq and Syria," has...
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