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Surgery for early-stage prostate cancer does not lead to longer lives, study finds
by BayAreaObserver in #Cancer   Posted 1 month ago
A long-term study of men diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer has confirmed that patients who forgo immediate surgery have the same odds of living another decade or two as patients...
Contrl Alt Delete cancer
by tovarichpeter in #cancer   Posted 1 year ago
Haroldo Silva earned his Bachelors degree in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Chemistry from Florida International University (FIU). Haroldos undergraduate research focused on mathematical modeling of cardiovascular medical...
Gas Stations Cause Cancer
by SomeoneElse in #cancer   Posted 6 months ago
I first heard this idea years ago in the movie Brazil. Still seems to be true. Living near a gas station greatly increases your risk of cancer. #cancer
This May Be The First New Cancer Indicator In 30 Years
by BayAreaObserver in #Cancer   1 comment, latest 2 months ago
Platelets, the smallest proteins that make up blood, are responsible for causing clots at the site of injury to prevent further blood loss. Though their function is important, too many...
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