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Obama: uh ah we sent them a pallat of Cash because uh they wouldn't take a chec
by Tenpoundbass in #floriduh   9 comments, latest 1 year ago
W]e couldn’t send them a check, and we could not wire the money, he said during a press conference at the Pentagon today. He insisted that the administration was...
Grucifer 2.0 hacked the DNC not Russia. Just shows Dems quick to blame
by Tenpoundbass in #floriduh   9 comments, latest 1 year ago
This new email scandal is the Wikileaks release of a gaggle of DNC emails that prove the Democrat primary race was rigged in establishment Hillarys favor. Shes tried to...
Hillary is starting to crack... that is all...
by Tenpoundbass in #floriduh   14 comments, latest 1 year ago
Google is trying so hard to defeat Trump, their search algorithm is back to 1997
by Tenpoundbass in #floriduh   10 comments, latest 1 year ago
Man this reminds me of the Excite and Aji and Ask days. Their auto suggest, and related pages is basically nonexistent. I've never gotten so many one page irrelevant searches...
Huganrians rock
by Tenpoundbass in #floriduh   3 comments, latest 1 year ago
The 38-year-old Hungarian ex-bouncer known only as “Tari” is an imposing man. Looking like a cross between a Viking and a strongman competitor he was a natural choice to...
Top designers agree Apple invented the fucking rectangle.
by Tenpoundbass in #floriduh   6 comments, latest 1 year ago
The group, which includes US fashion designer Calvin Klein, Nicolas Ghesquiere of the French group Louis Vuitton and renowned German industrial designer Dieter Rams joined an amicus brief supporting...
Hillary packs 3 new stiffs into her baggage just more junk in her trunk
by Tenpoundbass in #floriduh   29 comments, latest 1 year ago
ANOTHER MYSTERIOUS DEATH=> Activist and Sanders Supporter Who Served Papers to DNC on Fraud Case Found Dead Jim Hoft Aug 4th, 2016 10:26 pm 541 Comments On July 3,...
Obama is winning in his war against Us apparently.
by Tenpoundbass in #floriduh   27 comments, latest 11 months ago
Video footage appears to show US commandos fleeing a Syrian town under a barrage of abuse and insults hurled at them by fighters from the American-backed Free Syrian Army...
Nate Silver is shit
by Tenpoundbass in #floriduh   11 comments, latest 1 year ago
He was wrong on every Trump primary Poll every single one. And so were the Vegas odds. #floriduh
Liberal runs over Hispanic for Trump
by Tenpoundbass in #floriduh   3 comments, latest 1 year ago
ANDOVER (CBS) – A woman was arrested after she allegedly vandalized a resident’s Donald Trump campaign sign and nearly ran over the homeowner as she tried to speed away....
Look who's tanking too
by Tenpoundbass in #floriduh   2 comments, latest 1 year ago
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's lead over Republican rival Donald Trump narrowed to less than 3 percentage points, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll released on Friday, down from...
Hillary is throwing the election
by Tenpoundbass in #floriduh   3 comments, latest 11 months ago
Were falling in line with the national FOP and, basically, she just disregarded and blew the police off. You cant go in and expect to get respect when you...
Bloomberg and De Blasio destroyed Guilani's amazing civic achievement.
by Tenpoundbass in #floriduh   1 comment, latest 11 months ago
Tremont section of the Bronx taunted, Why dont you run after me? Just Tuesday, a 72-year-old woman in Midwood, Brooklyn, was knocked to the ground from behind. Her purse...
When HIllary is elected 100% of the murders will be stab victims.
by Tenpoundbass in #floriduh   1 comment, latest 11 months ago
But these efforts are misplaced, at best, if the FBI’s numbers are to be trusted. While Democrats are pushing an “assault weapons” ban that covers certain shotguns, more than...
They're stuck in the ice in July again.
by Tenpoundbass in #floriduh   6 comments, latest 1 year ago
An expedition to the North Pole intended to measure the effects of global warming ground to a halt this month when the scientist’s ship got blocked bythe ice packs...
Where's HIllary's crowd?
by Tenpoundbass in #floriduh   19 comments, latest 1 year ago
Commenting Policy Please adhere to our commenting policy to avoid being banned. As a privately owned website, we reserve the right to remove any comment and ban any user...
President Obama kept Iran side deal secret from Congress.
by Tenpoundbass in #floriduh   2 comments, latest 1 year ago
The Obama administration secretly organized an airlift of $400 million worth of cash to Iran that coincided with the January release of four Americans detained in Tehran, according to...
He's why Presidential fund raising is so important
by Tenpoundbass in #floriduh   1 comment, latest 1 year ago
Links to "Petitions for Recount!" and "Volunteer!" opportunities will now be posted in the sidebar at right!  You can also easily spread the word with Google+, Facebook, and Twitter!...
Wisconsin Democrats to end Paul Ryan's career next week.
by Tenpoundbass in #floriduh   2 comments, latest 1 year ago
Thats where Wisconsin Democrats come in: Wisconsins open primary tradition means you can vote in Ryans primary which gives you, through a harmonic convergence of circumstance, a strange and...
The Liberals are getting mad at America agian beware!
by Tenpoundbass in #floriduh   6 comments, latest 1 year ago
I-Team Reporter Dan Noyes via local KGO-TV. The report states that a law enforcement source expressed to Noyes a desire to communicate the dangers facing law enforcement. The report...
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