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Book Recommendations
by BayAreaObserver in #Books   4 comments, latest 10 minutes ago
How to Be a Perfect Christian: Your Comprehensive Guide to Flawless Spiritual Living. It releases May 1st 2018 and is available for pre-order right now.What’s it all about?How to Be...
macOS 10.13 High Sierra and news on Safari
by BayAreaObserver in #Apple   Posted 2 hours ago
macOS 10.13 High Sierra: The Ars Technica review. If you've felt like the last few macOS releases have been a little light, High Sierra won't change your mind.That's not because...
Hashtag - Take the Knee
by BayAreaObserver in #Take   13 comments, latest 5 hours ago
There’s a lot to complain about in this deranged Republic — if it even still is one — but the burdens of being a multimillionaire football player would not be...
In Donald Trump's Washington, The House Always Wins
by BayAreaObserver in #more   1 comment, latest 10 hours ago
During the 2016 election campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly emphasized that our country was run terribly and needed a businessman at its helm. Upon winning the White House, he insisted that...
Gary Cohn Is Giving Goldman Sachs Everything It Ever Wanted From the Trump Administration and The Taxpayers
by BayAreaObserver in #Politics   4 comments, latest 10 hours ago
On the campaign trail, Trump had spoken often about the importance of investing in infrastructure. Yet the president-elect had apparently failed to appreciate that the government would need to come...
14 Fascinating Facts About Foxes - 100% Non Political
by BayAreaObserver in #Nature   11 comments, latest 11 hours ago
Foxes live on every continent except Antarctica and thrive in cities, towns, and rural settings. But despite being all around us, they’re a bit of a mystery. Here’s more about...
The Dead Thread - Part 4. How Do You Want to Be Dead ?
by BayAreaObserver in #Science   10 comments, latest 11 hours ago
Beyond the familiar “green burial” business of escaping the toxic culture of the conventional death industry, what I particularly like is the idea of using the cost of burials to...
Stanford researcher is pioneering a dramatic shift in how we treat depression — and you can try her new tool right now
by BayAreaObserver in #Depression   14 comments, latest 11 hours ago
Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and it can kill. But scientists know surprisingly little about it. We do know, however, that talking seems to help — especially...
A tale of two Christians on their knees
by BayAreaObserver in #comments   10 comments, latest 13 hours ago
They’re both Christian football players, and they’re both known for kneeling on the field, although for very different reasons.One grew up the son of Baptist missionaries to the Philippines. The...
ISIS in Southeast Asia - Get ready to send your kids and grandkids to the new Vietnams
by BayAreaObserver in #misc   23 comments, latest a day ago
After Ahok: Indonesia Grapples with the Rise of Political Islam. For decades, Indonesian society has experienced a slow process of Islamization. In 2017, the pace picked up. Malaysian police arrest...
Is beaming down in Star Trek a death sentence?
by BayAreaObserver in #ScienceFiction   2 comments, latest a day ago
Can beaming out save someone’s life? Some would argue that having one’s “molecules scrambled," as Dr. McCoy would put it, is actually the surest way to die. Sure, after you’ve...
Ancient papyrus reveals secret of how Ancient Egyptians built the Great Pyramid of Giza in 2600BC
by BayAreaObserver in #SciTech   13 comments, latest a day ago
Archaeologists believe that they have finally solved the mystery of how the Ancient Egyptians built the Great Pyramid of Giza.The pyramid is the oldest and only survivor of the Seven...
Consumer fleecing is the new normal - Irma price gouging highlights sad truth
by BayAreaObserver in #PriceGouging   7 comments, latest 2 days ago
Since Hurricane Irma put Florida in its sights, there have been thousands of reports of price gouging on everything from water to gasoline. The most notable complaint was not, however,...
Splashy study drips with questions after showing semen is viral safe-haven - 27 varieties !
by BayAreaObserver in #Science   9 comments, latest 2 days ago
Following recent news that Zika virus can lurk in semen for months, a pair of infectious-disease researchers got to wondering: how many other viruses can hang out down there?With the...
Saudi Arabia Is “Not an Ally” and the U.S. Should “Rethink” Its Approach to Iran: Bernie Sanders
by BayAreaObserver in #Geopolitics   3 comments, latest 2 days ago
Saudi Arabia is “not an ally of the United States,” according to Bernie Sanders, the independent senator and former Democratic presidential hopeful.Sanders broke with the bipartisan consensus on Capitol Hill...
The Madness of Donald Trump
by BayAreaObserver in #Trump   4 comments, latest 2 days ago
Candidate Trump may have been crazy, but it was craziness that on some level was working. Even at his lowest and most irrational moments – like his lunatic assault on...
Lightning storms triggered by exhaust from cargo ships
by BayAreaObserver in #Science   Posted 4 days ago
When Joel Thornton at the University of Washington in Seattle and his colleagues looked at records of lightning strikes between 2005 and 2016 from the World Wide Lightning Location Network,...
Unmasked: Trump Doctrine vows carnage for new axis of evil
by BayAreaObserver in #AxisOfEvil   Posted 5 days ago
This was no “deeply philosophical address”. And hardly a show of “principled realism” – as spun by the White House. President Trump at the UN was “American carnage,” to borrow...
Sex, Lies, and the Taj Mahal
by BayAreaObserver in #TajMahal   5 comments, latest 5 days ago
The Taj Mahal is one of the world's most beautiful monuments, but new investigations reveal dark secrets. Scientists are uncovering codes that tell a shocking story of power and betrayal,...
English - It Does A Body Good ! From Floozy to Flotus
by BayAreaObserver in #English   9 comments, latest 6 days ago
#English #Flotus
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