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Bat Man is dead!
by Booger in #misc on 10 Jun 2017  7 comments, latest 5 months ago
Adam West (born William West Anderson] September 19, 1928 – June 9, 2017) was an American actor widely known for his role as Batman in the 1960s ABC series Batman...

Thousands dropped from Food Stamps in GA due to employment requirements. Make America Work Again. (
by Booger in #misc on 28 May 2017  13 comments, latest 5 months ago Thousands of Georgians have lost their food stamps after the state gave them an ultimatum: Get a job or lose your benefits. Georgia has been rolling out work requirements...

El Salvador doesn't want it's criminals back. (
by Booger in #rapefugees on 14 May 2017  2 comments, latest 6 months ago Salvadoran Officials: Deportations Will Increase Violence In Our Country Top Salvadoran officials are worried about deportations of their compatriots from the U.S., as they think the returnees will cause...

Liberals really do want to suck refugee cocks.
by Booger in #liberalcocksuckers on 13 May 2017  6 comments, latest 6 months ago

Hacker takes over 200 Isis accounts and fills them with gay porn (
by Booger in #Isis on 24 Apr 2017  13 comments, latest 7 months ago A hacker has planted both pornographic and intimate images of homosexuality on more than 250 Isis twitter accounts. The hacker, known only as 'WauchalaGhost', began targeting accounts 18 months...

Potential home buyers get revenge on shitty house flipper (
by Booger in #housing on 10 Feb 2017  2 comments, latest 9 months ago #housing

Its time to face facts: Obamas presidency was a failure (
by Booger in #failure on 15 Jan 2017  41 comments, latest 10 months ago It’s time to face facts: Obama’s presidency was a failure #failure #obama
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