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Elderlaw questions
by CL in #misc   10 comments, latest 2 months ago
What are some good, basic questions or goals to have in an initial consult with an Elderlaw attorney? TIA!!
Anyone have experience with QPRT?
by CL in #housing   6 comments, latest 3 months ago
Are they expensive? Any opinions pro or con regarding their efficacy, impact or anything? Thanks! #housing #investing #estate #trusts

IT Bonuses and Structure SF
by CL in #misc   8 comments, latest 3 months ago
How much should bonuses by for IT management in SF? What are the criteria used to determine that, typically? Thanks!
Reverse Mortgages question
by CL in #misc   16 comments, latest 4 months ago
My folks were looking into a reverse mortgage, so I thought I'd ask you guys a few questions. 1) Are they a bad idea in general? 2) I have a...
Republicans were against Kennedy's rising tide
by CL in #misc   Posted 4 months ago
https://economix.blogs.nytimes "When the tax cut came up for a final vote in the House of Representatives on Sept. 25, 1963, only 48 Republicans supported it; 126 voted against it. Nevertheless,...
Housing rights question
by CL in #housing   10 comments, latest 5 months ago
Ran into an Uber driver today who said he's living in an in-law unit (a tool shed, in his description), and upon move-in, was told that he'd be responsible for...
Trumpcare bill even less popular than Trump, or Congress
by CL in #misc   47 comments, latest 6 months ago "According to Quinnipiac, only 17 percent of Americans approve of the bill — and only 6 percent of the country supports it strongly. (Congress is approved of by 21...
Schroedinger's cat
by CL in #misc   30 comments, latest 6 months ago
Using Schrödinger's cat reveals that things can be in 2 states at the same time (and I reckon are influenced by the observer if the box is opened.) I understand...
by CL in #misc   4 comments, latest 6 months ago
Do we have evidence that it is usually right, or that it's usually wrong?

Why did Hillary's email server matter again?
by CL in #misc   20 comments, latest 7 months ago
What supposed principles were at work/violated by the private email server? And although Trump attacked her viciously for that, is his team an improvement in terms of Cybersecurity?
Establishment clause, Due Process, etc
by CL in #politics   Posted 8 months ago
Quick question/tutorial/refresher: Some constitutional rights and other resultant legal documents refer to "people" and "within its jurisdiction", whereas others are afforded to "citizens". Would it be true to assert that...
The primary voter
by CL in #politics   19 comments, latest 10 months ago
It would seem that, while the Dems are supposedly soul-searching, the truth is any Democrat with less negatives probably would have trounced Trump. The primary voters on the Democratic side...
Weird deal as my in-laws sell the MIL's house
by CL in #misc   35 comments, latest a year ago
The MIL has now moved into a facility, which is a desirable outcome overall. As is common and predictable, there were some disagreements and acrimony related to the POAs and...
Bear it!
by CL in #housing   35 comments, latest a year ago
Here are some things I think seem true to me, but could be refuted by you geniuses. If we have hit any bottom, we need a counterargument to the below....
Mini Coopers
by CL in #misc   18 comments, latest a year ago
Anybody have a strong feeling about them? I was toying with buying one for the wife to replace my Volt.
401K timing
by CL in #investing   17 comments, latest a year ago
I've maxed out since back when I was poor, and continue to do so. As time progressed, what used to be a same sized contribution each month has turned into...
Roger Ailes Out at Fox News Amid Sexual Harrassment Allegations (Report) - Holly
by CL in #misc   Posted a year ago
Bonuses in the Bay Area
by CL in #misc   Posted a year ago
Given the current employment/economic environment in the SF Bay area, what is a reasonable amount to expect, in dollars or as a percent, for management, senior management, or executive level?...
by CL in #misc   48 comments, latest a year ago
What would you say to someone who claims to pay over 50% in taxes? Another claimed to be approaching 60%, ostensibly because they have a couple jobs and a sole...
Anyone use Sprint in the Bay Area?
by CL in #misc   7 comments, latest a year ago
Is it terrible or anything else to worry about? I have an AT&T iPhone 5 for the missus, but she barely uses it except on wifi and doesn't travel all...
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