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There will be no "Blue Wave", change my mind!
by Goran_K on 14 May 2018  761 comments, latest 4 months ago
Yesterday former Bill Clinton advisor Dick Morris told radio host on New York's AM 970 that he believes the "blue wave" that Democrats are expecting to give them back the...

Explain prices in cities like Cupertino
by Goran_K on 6 Feb 2012  309 comments, latest 7 years ago
According to Redfin, Cupertino's median sold price has actually gone up since 2010, unlike other cities. I'm guessing low inventory, lots of foreign (asian) buyers, and prime location have skewed...

Goran bought an AK-47
by Goran_K on 25 Apr 2017  234 comments, latest 2 years ago
Let's just say I've always been Pro 2A, it's part of my libertarian leanings. I think people should be able to smoke pot, buy guns, and marry whatever gender they...

Anyone here feel cheated?
by Goran_K on 30 Apr 2012  196 comments, latest 7 years ago
If you don't want to live in an apartment for 20 years, you're forced to participate in a ponzi scheme and overpay for a home. You want to live in...

Venezuela’s inflation rate is astounding
by Goran_K on 12 Nov 2017  189 comments, latest a year ago
#politicsThis is why leftism in America is so dangerous. There is no such thing as a free lunch. You work, you eat. Basic fundemental truth that has rung true for...

Californians: Why do you stay?
by Goran_K on 7 Aug 2013  176 comments, latest 6 years ago
Seems like there is a lot of discussion/discourse on here about living cost, and a lot of it comes from people who list California as their home state. My question...

Will this help the Blue Wave?
by Goran_K on 21 Aug 2018  161 comments, latest 8 months ago
Trending on Facebook news and over 300,000 comments on twitter today. What do you think these people are discussing? How they will vote for pro-illegal politicians in November?

Goran just bought a $70,000 GMC Sierra Denali because he didn't listen to Paul Krugman and actually made money
by Goran_K on 6 Oct 2017  158 comments, latest 2 years ago
As you may have remembered, back in June 2017, I posted a thread where I was looking for a full size truck (to replace my Audi Q5 as my primary...

Can anyone refute this guy's argument against Democrat open border immigration?
by Goran_K on 29 Nov 2018  124 comments, latest 5 months ago
If so I'd like to hear the argument.

Low inventory showing the bottom? Nope, S&P shows 46 months of "Shadow" (dsnews.com)
by Goran_K on 14 May 2012  114 comments, latest 7 years ago
http://www.dsnews.com/articles It will take 46 months to clear the market’s supply of distressed homes, or the shadow inventory, according to estimates from Standard & Poor’s Rating Services based on first-quarter...

Prediction: Blacks living within the urban inner city will never get out of generational poverty unless they change their politics
by Goran_K on 22 Feb 2018  111 comments, latest a year ago
I was doing some reading today and stumbled upon a startling statistic. Since the Moynihan report, the landmark study that LBJ used to launch his "Great Society" initiative to raise...

Should we institute temp bans?
by Goran_K on 11 Nov 2017  103 comments, latest a year ago
#patnetSo far I think the new rules are working. The deleting of personal attacks seems to be working a lot better than “uncivil”.However certain members are still having a hard...

How is Loretta Lynch not in jail for Obstruction of Justice?
by Goran_K on 8 Jun 2017  96 comments, latest 2 years ago
From Comey: "At one point, the Attorney General [Lynch] told me not to call it and investigation but instead to call it a 'matter,' which confused and concerned me,"...

Done with Republicans and Democrats, yup. Done.
by Goran_K on 24 Mar 2018  95 comments, latest a year ago
After that terrible crumni-bus bill passed, it just goes to show, both parties are beholden to the military industrial complex. $65.2 billion in Overseas Contingency Operations, or "war budget" funding...

Should poor people be allowed to vote on tax policy?
by Goran_K on 28 Mar 2018  94 comments, latest a year ago
The top 20% of income earners pay 95% of the tax burden in the United States. Poor people overwhelmingly take back from the tax system in terms of benefits (they...

Friend is a serial cheater, he has wife and kids... should I rat him out?
by Goran_K on 11 Apr 2013  87 comments, latest 6 years ago
I work with a huge client in Los Angeles a couple of days a week. It's pretty lucrative work, and this client alone accounts for about 20% of my businesses...

I sold all my real estate in 2016
by Goran_K on 15 Jun 2016  81 comments, latest 10 months ago
I know this isn't a real estate website any longer, but it was when I joined years ago and enjoyed the company of the "bears" and "bulls". I thought I'd...

Jon Ossoff (D) loses most expensive election in history for U.S House seat in Georgia 6, Karen Handel (R) celebrates victory (ajc.com)
by Goran_K on 20 Jun 2017  81 comments, latest 2 years ago
For the past 2 weeks, 538/CNN/NYTimes/VOX/WaPO were claiming Ossoff was up by 2 to 7 points in all of their polls leading up to today's conclusion. Ossoff spent $23,000,000...

I'll never forgive Leftist, they actually ruined Star Wars
by Goran_K on 25 Jan 2018  81 comments, latest a year ago
What the fuck Disney?Vice Admiral Gender Studies totally ruined this movie. I honestly had to walk out. it's like they had to invent a strong feminist to put all the...

Who will the boomers sell their homes to? (americanthinker.com)
by Goran_K on 28 Nov 2012  80 comments, latest 6 years ago
Over half of new college grads unemployed and in heavy debt http://www.americanthinker.com The FY 2009 three-year default rates -- which the Department views as more indicative of ultimate defaults --...
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