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Goran just bought a $70,000 GMC Sierra Denali because he didn't listen to Paul Krugman and actually made money
by Goran_K in #misc   226 comments, latest 8 days ago
As you may have remembered, back in June 2017, I posted a thread where I was looking for a full size truck (to replace my Audi Q5 as my primary...

Man, Trump really sucks for the economy and this is why
by Goran_K in #misc   53 comments, latest 13 days ago
The Dow Jones hit another all-time high yesterday evening (flirting with 23,000).Unemployment nationally is at its lowest in 16 years.... and for some reason Mark Cuban, and Paul Krugman told...

Positivity: Son post picture of Father walking him to school, in Kindergarten, and in College. (
by Goran_K in #misc   11 comments, latest 2 months ago
With so much negative focus on identity politics on PatNet lately, I thought some of you (especially current and future father's) might appreciate this. People are emotional over...

Alaska Trip Review w/ pictures!
by Goran_K in #misc   12 comments, latest 2 months ago
As some of you might remember, I started a thread wanting to collect a bucket list of things to do in Alaska for my trip. So fast forward to August...

Democrat Governor of West Virginia Jim Justice announces he's switching from Democrat to GOP, another elected office lost for the Democrats (
by Goran_K in #misc   10 comments, latest 2 months ago
1,046 elected offices lost by the DNC in the past 8 years but apparently (according to guys like Rew) the DNC is in great shape, even when one of...

Any NBA fans in here?
by Goran_K in #misc   8 comments, latest 3 months ago
I know this place is more about arguing about Austrian vs Keynesian, or Climate Change debates, but I was hoping that people here actually have lives outside of these discussions....

Democrats likely to lose Debbie Stabenow's Senate Seat in 2018 (
by Goran_K in #misc   69 comments, latest a month ago A new poll conducted by Delphi Analytica reveals one the most amazing results in recent polling history: among those told to choose between the two candidates, musician Robert...

Muslim Acid attacks up 70% in UK
by Goran_K in #misc   4 comments, latest 3 months ago
Since 2010 there have been 1,800 reported acid attacks in the London, with a steep 70% rise between 2015 to 2016 (hmmm... what happened to the UK's immigration policy...

Gun control doesn't work: Seattle imposes gun tax to fight "gun violence in 2016 ", murders double for first 5 months of 2017...
by Goran_K in #misc   35 comments, latest 3 months ago
Seattle City Councilman Tim Burgess introduced the tax in 2015. It puts a $25 tax on every firearm sold in the city and up to 5 cents per round...

Seattle's just proved (again) that central planning of the economy always leads to pain for the people it's meant to help (
by Goran_K in #FightForFifteen   17 comments, latest 4 months ago Seattle, along with LA, took the lead in the past couple of years by implementing a higher minimum wage than the Federal standard, the nationally celebrated #FightForFifteen chant...

Leftist/Democrat journalist claims "You're a bigot if you don't have sex with your gay friend" (
by Goran_K in #misc   15 comments, latest 4 months ago
Seriously, this is why I don't identify with Democrats anymore. The idea that you need to be attracted to someone to engage in sexual acts with them is absurd,...

Jon Ossoff (D) loses most expensive election in history for U.S House seat in Georgia 6, Karen Handel (R) celebrates victory
by Goran_K in #FakeNews   81 comments, latest 4 months ago
For the past 2 weeks, 538/CNN/NYTimes/VOX/WaPO were claiming Ossoff was up by 2 to 7 points in all of their polls leading up to today's conclusion. Ossoff spent $23,000,000...

Goran wants a full size truck, anyone here own one?
by Goran_K in #misc   22 comments, latest 4 months ago
I've been in the market to get a full sized truck. I bought one of those Polaris all terrain vehicles, and I need something that can tow it to better...

How is Loretta Lynch not in jail for Obstruction of Justice?
by Goran_K in #misc   122 comments, latest 4 months ago
From Comey: "At one point, the Attorney General [Lynch] told me not to call it and investigation but instead to call it a 'matter,' which confused and concerned me,"...

Goran is visiting Anchorage Alaska
by Goran_K in #misc   4 comments, latest 5 months ago
I'm hitting one of the few bucket list states I haven't visited in my lifetime. For some reason my career never took me to Alaska, but I've always wanted...

Goran bought an AK-47
by Goran_K in #misc   326 comments, latest 6 months ago
Let's just say I've always been Pro 2A, it's part of my libertarian leanings. I think people should be able to smoke pot, buy guns, and marry whatever gender they...

Seems like the Democrats have officially embraced a policy of defeat for the next 8 years
by Goran_K in #misc   25 comments, latest 8 months ago
Let me start off by saying, I'm actually a Centrist, more libertarian than conservative or left. On many issues I am "progressive", and on other subjects I am conservative....

I sold all my real estate in 2016
by Goran_K in #realestate   102 comments, latest a year ago
I know this isn't a real estate website any longer, but it was when I joined years ago and enjoyed the company of the "bears" and "bulls". I thought I'd...

Whoa, no more housing forum?
by Goran_K in #housing   80 comments, latest 2 years ago
Haven't been back to Pat net in a while. Completely different. Looks like no more housing bubble discussion?#housing

Million Muslim March to DC on 9/11/13: What could possibly go wrong? (
by Goran_K in #politics   Posted 4 years ago We at AMPAC (American Political Action Committee) are planning a historic event for 9/11/13. One million Muslims will march to Washington D.C. and demand that our civil rights be...
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