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Interesting anti-globalization blog (
by Patrick in #globalization   Posted 3 days ago Eyes on Trade is a blog by the staff of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch (GTW) division. GTW aims to promote democracy by challenging corporate globalization, arguing that the...

San Francisco: Man leaps onto a parked $420,000 Lamborghini before the irate owner appears to knock him out (
by Patrick in #weird   26 comments, latest a day ago The owner of a Lamborghini supercar got more than he bargained for while he was showing off his $420,000 (£315,000) pride and joy on the streets of San Francisco.This...

Bitcoin surges to new peak
by Patrick in #investing   11 comments, latest 3 days ago

Fires in Santa Rosa and Napa (
by Patrick in #fire   44 comments, latest a day ago If patients could get out of bed on their own, they did, she said. “If not, we grabbed people from their beds and put them in wheelchairs.”The fire came...

No Money Down // Open House
by Patrick in #realestate   Posted 8 days ago
First time I've ever seen this...Not only is it an 'Open House', but they also advertise 'No Money Down' right on the sign for it...So, they are hoping someone is...

"Freedom of speech is genocide" (
by Patrick in #misc   Posted 9 days ago College student who stole classmate's MAGA hat and claimed 'freedom of speech is genocide' in bizarre rant could now face FELONY chargeUniversity of California, Riverside student Edith Macias facing...

Identity politics benefits the 0.1% tremendously
by Patrick in #identitypolitics   5 comments, latest 9 days ago
It is clearly in the best interests of the oligarchy to:1. Bring in as many workers as possible, to force wages and living standards down. This includes bringing most women...

First they came for the Nazis, and I did not speak out because I was not a Nazi (
by Patrick in #nazis   26 comments, latest 5 days ago
Sure, sounds funny and ironic. Who could possibly defend the Nazis?Yet there is truth in it. It is about the cowardice of American intellectuals following the leftists' rise to power...

Post titles are now links to external sites
by Patrick in #misc   11 comments, latest 5 days ago
If you create a post which includes some URL, the title of the post will be a link to that external URL, opening in a new tab. There will...

In the World’s Most Livable Cities, Hardly Anyone Can Afford a House (
by Patrick in #realestate   1 comment, latest 12 days ago “More money going on servicing a mortgage means there is less to spend elsewhere, dragging on economic growth,” said Paul Dales, chief Australian economist at Capital Economics. “It won’t...

Cloudflare, Nazis, and Porn (
by Patrick in #freespeech   Posted 13 days ago
Cloudflare has repeatedly claimed that it does not have the ability to kick infringers of porn sites off the internet, yet kicked off The Daily Stormer quite effectively:Last month Cloudflare...

Protest against corporate censorship of public dialogue
by Patrick in #censorship   71 comments, latest 4 days ago
I'm quite disturbed that a few corporations can collude to silence ideas that they don't like -- even if those ideas are basically Nazi.I've taken a copy of the censored...

TPB, FortWayne, Blurtman, Bob2356 you can all log in again!
by Patrick in #misc   10 comments, latest 15 days ago
Sorry, your emails stopped working and were deleted, making it impossible for you to log in for a while.I fixed that. Would communicate by email, but that's not possible since...

Former Conservative Recalls Belittling Tirade From College Student That Brought Him Over To Left (
by Patrick in #humor   1 comment, latest 18 days ago Explaining how the string of personal insults and sharply worded accusations caused him to reevaluate every one of his political leanings, former conservative Vincent Welsh recalled for reporters Friday...

Glimmers of Democratic insight (
by Patrick in #misc   50 comments, latest 21 days ago
“I don’t think the response in this district can be, ‘Donald Trump is a terrible president, and you should hate him, and all these people who voted for him are...

1 hacked!
by Patrick in #misc   74 comments, latest 11 days ago
Someone badly fucked with the site. Sorry for the delay in getting it back.

Trump's UN speech was very well done
by Patrick in #misc   4 comments, latest 25 days ago

Russia missing again!
by Patrick in #politics   11 comments, latest a month ago
Where's muh Russia? Not in the news anymore.Could it possibly have been nine straight months of anti-Trump bullshit? If so, how can anyone ever trust the mainstream press again?#politics

Friends Are Genetically Similar (
by Patrick in #science   Posted a month ago You and your friends are surprisingly genetically similar, according to a study appearing in PNAS. The similarity isn't immense -- about 1%, roughly the same as between fourth cousins...

Still not a scrap of evidence on Russia. Why does anyone even listen to NPR anymore?
by Patrick in #politics   71 comments, latest a month ago
The latest spin on “Russia stole the election” is that Russia used Facebook to influence the election. The NPR women yesterday were breathless about it.We have been subjected to ten...
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