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Trump's Afghanistan Strategy
by Rew in #misc   39 comments, latest 3 hours ago
It's totally incoherent. An unknown 'secret' deployment time timetable for an build up of in country forces. As to how this helps us not being "waited out" by the Taliban,...

"Good Luck Everybody" : Cat 3 Harvey about to hit Texas
by Rew in #misc   40 comments, latest 25 days ago
So good to see such a competent administration, a high degree of federal readiness, and what a great message today. 'No no, it's not fake news now. Please listen to...
Found the pee tape!
by Rew in #misc   1 comment, latest a month ago
A little Russia Russia Russia ... for your Friday
by Rew in #misc   1 comment, latest a month ago Trump Administration Must Do More to Condemn Hate Groups Kushner Wraps Up Productive Middle East Talks Trump Hits Bob Corker on Twitter Internet Firms Seek to Put Liability Shield...
Does Bannon survive past this? Exciting!
by Rew in #misc   2 comments, latest a month ago Trump, feed us Bannon as a sacrifice for your sins! Muwhhahahaha. I think I may always remember where I am when/if I learn Bannon is fired.
BLM in Boston today ...
by Rew in #misc   2 comments, latest a month ago
... escorted Nazis, also prevented a flag snatch, likely stopping riot/violence. Those savages! My favorite from today though, the police singing with counter protesters and the counter protesters being in...

Why Remove The Statues? Historical context is key.
by Rew in #misc   1 comment, latest a month ago

Such good examples for our youth ... the hate flows ...
by Rew in #misc   15 comments, latest a month ago ... disgusting.
Taylor Swift Just Won Her Countersuit : 1$ ... BOOM!
by Rew in #misc   24 comments, latest a month ago

Tucker covering the important stories of the day ...
by Rew in #misc   Posted a month ago
Trump's not very smart ...
by Rew in #misc   1 comment, latest a month ago
A Russia Russia Russia break from the white hate ...
by Rew in #misc   1 comment, latest a month ago "Three days after Donald Trump named his campaign foreign policy team in March 2016, the youngest of the new advisers sent an email to seven campaign officials with the...
Are we really going back to this?
by Rew in #misc   17 comments, latest a month ago Too many of our vets dead/no longer around to remind us, only 1 in 10 now actually serve in the armed forces, boo-hoo economic recovery was uneven, so we...
1947 - "Don't Be A Sucker"
by Rew in #misc   Posted a month ago
Sign in to make your opinion count. Sign in 155 Loading... Loading... Transcript The interactive transcript could not be loaded. Loading... Loading... Rating is available when the video has...
Crazy Times : Predict What Happens Next!
by Rew in #misc   50 comments, latest a month ago
Got any predictions for the world? Share em if ya like, for funs. Here are my guess for the next couple months (crystal ball): Who actually rules the chaos in...
Fox today asks if media using a double standard when comparing Trump vs Kim Jong-Un
by Rew in #misc   Posted a month ago
"The media is asking whether President Trump should be using phrases like "fire and fury," but nobody seems to care all that much about the threats coming from Kim Jong...
How America Lost Its Mind
by Rew in #misc   12 comments, latest 2 months ago
Flynn, you have been summoned to the game grid
by Rew in #misc   5 comments, latest 2 months ago
Trump's Worst Week (good recap)
by Rew in #TrumpIsPresident   1 comment, latest 2 months ago #TrumpIsPresident
NRA's statement leaves additional questions ...
by Rew in #misc   3 comments, latest 2 months ago
Start at 3:24 to cut to the chase ... How exactly are you planning on "fisting" a newspaper? (tears, laughing so hard)
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