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S.I.M.Ps are against Rin-Wah law
by Rin in #misc   5 comments, latest 3 days ago
This is a really good article as to why Rin is in a perpetual battle against society.http://www.urbandictio SIMP• A man that puts himself in a subservient/submissive position under women in...
If Hillary Clinton actually worked out, 2 hrs per day, would she be attractive?
by Rin in #misc   115 comments, latest 3 days ago
Here's Hillary from her youth ... Clearly, she's got nice facial features and is quite good looking, despite being a monster on the inside. If she'd worked out, like let's...

Look, I believe that the young Hillary Clinton was a pretty woman
by Rin in #misc   31 comments, latest 4 days ago
Ok, here are some of her younger shots ...From my thread ... And others from the Bill Clinton era ...Now c'mon, she ain't so bad. If she'd worked out 2...
Rin-Wah law needs an anthem, to promote its point.
by Rin in #misc   4 comments, latest 12 days ago
Here are some recommendations ...Aerosmith's "Train Kept A Rollin":
Happy Eclipse Day, here's some Pink Floyd to celebrate it.
by Rin in #misc   4 comments, latest a month ago
There is no dark side of the moon, really. Matter of fact, it's all dark.

Rin has Adult Onset Asperger's
by Rin in #misc   Posted a month ago
See Wiki ... Excerpt: "For example, a person with AS may engage in a one-sided, long-winded speech about a favorite topic, while misunderstanding or not recognizing the listener's feelings...
In 1979, John Mellencamp mentioned Rin-Wah law in his music
by Rin in #misc   1 comment, latest a month ago
Excerpt: "I need a lover that won't drive me crazy Some girl that knows the meaning of, ah-Hey hit the highway! " :
This is why we need a Star Trek holodeck
by Rin in #misc   6 comments, latest a month ago
Just in case there are any confusions out there.
30 years ago, American women were producing Classic Rock. Today, they're just victims ...
by Rin in #misc   16 comments, latest a month ago
Here's the Bangel's 1987 "Hazy Shade of Winter" ... Sure, you can say it's so-called "pop" of the times but really, it's pure Classic Rock, with a group of women...
Concerning Rin's prior posting on the Lobster Roll
by Rin in #misc   7 comments, latest a month ago In this thread, Rin had made nothing more than a reference to enjoying a Lobstah Roll (... add Boston accent) than anything else. During the recent past, a lot...
Rin is enjoying a lobster roll
by Rin in #misc   6 comments, latest 2 months ago
Yes, I know, it's Lobstah in Boston.

Rin's 4th of July protest
by Rin in #misc   5 comments, latest 3 months ago
On July 4 1776, 13 colonies on the eastern seaboard had decided to form a pact in Philadelphia, to separate from Mother England, and form a so-called free nation, where...
Rin in 19th century Victorian England
by Rin in #misc   7 comments, latest 3 months ago
That's my predecessor from yesteryear ...
Rin met a desparate headhunter
by Rin in #misc   2 comments, latest 3 months ago
Just last night, I had an opportunity to meet an honest man. Normally, whenever I run into a person who recruits and places people into jobs for a living, that...
Does the term, Black Face, only apply to caucasians of non-South Asian Indian origins?
by Rin in #misc   23 comments, latest 3 months ago
This is Kim Kardashian, putting on some make up, which got the black face label. Now, here's a South Indian women, who's not considered 'Black' by American standards but who's...
If Rin were born filthy rich, you wouldn't have heard about him on this forum
by Rin in #misc   2 comments, latest 4 months ago
Let's be honest, the only reason why you've heard about me was because I was born into a working class family and thus, had to work my way up the...
Hypocritical hoes, who think that they're glamorous, jet setting travellers
by Rin in #misc   8 comments, latest 4 months ago Excerpt: 'Meet the glamorous woman who jets all over the world on travel dates with married men and other total strangers, but insists she is not a gold digger....
If John F Kennedy can fuck hoes then so can Rin
by Rin in #misc   13 comments, latest 4 months ago
Yes, it's a well known fact that the late President Kennedy was in fact, a hoe bonker. I can already see my detractors say, "Rin, I knew Jack Kennedy and...

Saudi Arabia's "Death of a Princess" needs its own thread
by Rin in #misc   1 comment, latest 4 months ago
This thread forgot that Saudi's nasty reputation was around, a generation ago. Ppl, 'Death of a Princess' came out around the time I was born. Seriously, the barbarism...
Rin recommends being innoculated from dating
by Rin in #misc   3 comments, latest 4 months ago
I believe I've discovered a mechanism to minimize dating, once and for all. It's not just because it's a waste of time and money, which we already know from watching...
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