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For second year, Bernie Sanders earns more than $1,000,000 (
by Sniper on 22 Jun 2018  34 comments, latest 8 hours ago
Did any of the Bernie supporters get their "spread the wealth" check from him yet?For the second year in a row, Sen. Bernie Sanders’ income topped six figures.A recent financial...

About that FAKE Time Magazine cover of the Honduras child..... (
by Sniper on 22 Jun 2018  6 comments, latest 15 hours ago
TIME Lied - Destroy This CompanyThe so-called "picture of a toddler being separated" that DemonRats and TIME have circulated was a flat-out lie in all respects. They were never separated....

Trump Signs E.O. that will keep migrant families together - What's the next Democrat Faux Outrage Du Jour? (
by Sniper on 20 Jun 2018  87 comments, latest a day ago
President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday that he says will keep migrant families together during detention on the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump said he will not end the administration's...

Peter Strzok Has Lost His Security Clearance, Says Jeff Sessions (
by Sniper on 21 Jun 2018  4 comments, latest a day ago
Russian Collusion with Trump??? Look over there, Squirrel...Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Thursday that former FBI official Peter Strzok has lost his security clearance amid an internal disciplinary review.“Mr. Strzok,...

Melania Trump wears ‘I really don’t care, do U?’ jacket to border, the Liberal Media Goes NUTS!!! (
by Sniper on 21 Jun 2018  18 comments, latest 2 days ago
(CNN)On Thursday, first lady Melania Trump wore a jacket scrawled with the words "I really don't care. Do U?" as she climbed the stairs to her plane, which was bound...

The Hero of the Democrats, Robert Mueller, Accuses NYT, WASH POST Of 'Irresponsible' Reporting... (
by Sniper on 22 Jun 2018  Posted 2 days ago
Articles from the New York Times and the Washington Post were both cited in a footnote of a filing as examples of “not responsible” reporting, particularly on the claim that...

81 major Trump achievements in First Year, 11 Obama legacy items repealed (
by Sniper on 21 Dec 2017  52 comments, latest 6 days ago
With the passage of the GOP tax bill this week, the Trump administration has scored 81 major achievements in its first year, making good on campaign promises to provide significant...

The Dummies Guide To The Russia Collusion Hoax: Who, What, Where, When, & Why (
by Sniper on 27 May 2018  Posted a month ago
For your eyes only: A short history of Democrat-spy collusionThere are details yet to come, but here is the bottom line, the irreducible minimum... A cabal of CIA and FBI...

"Unplug Your Alexa Devices Right Now... You're Being Hacked" (
by Sniper on 24 May 2018  1 comment, latest a month ago
That was the disturbing message that a Portland family received just weeks after installing the Amazon listening devices throughout their home.As KIRO7 reports, Danielle, who did not want us to...

The FACTS about the dangerous AR-15 and Mass Shootings, Here's the REAL Data you Won't Hear from the MSM (
by Sniper on 29 Mar 2018  28 comments, latest a month ago
Following the February 14th mass shooting at the Stoneman Douglas School in Parkland, Florida, a newly impassioned debate has erupted, as follows every mass shooting in the US, about how...

Trump and the Dismantling of Obama's Legacy (
by Sniper on 15 Oct 2017  4 comments, latest a month ago
Brick by brick, the demolition job has begun: since taking office less than a year ago, Donald Trump has launched an all-out assault on the legacy of Barack Obama.Climate, free...

Stocks surge to Record Close, have best start to a year since 2003 (
by Sniper on 12 Jan 2018  42 comments, latest 2 months ago
Stocks rose to record highs on Friday after some of the major financial companies in the U.S. reported strong quarterly results.The Dow Jones industrial average rose 197 points to an...

Inspector General: Awans Used "Unauthorized Access" To Transfer Congress' Data To Stolen Server (
by Sniper on 17 Jan 2018  8 comments, latest 2 months ago
Poor Debbie is going down... Couldn't happen to a better dishonest Dem.An internal House probe concluded that Pakistani IT aides Imran Awan along with four other individuals inappropriately accessed House...

Facebook Gave Money To 85% Of House Committee "Questioning" Zuckerberg Next Week (
by Sniper on 7 Apr 2018  6 comments, latest 2 months ago
That's one way to get them to go easy on you.....Facebook and affiliated political groups have donated heavily to members of two committees set to interview CEO Mark Zuckerberg next...

President Trump Orders Military Strikes On Syria
by Sniper on 13 Apr 2018  38 comments, latest 2 months ago
President Trump has now confirmed that in a combined operation with France and UK, a military strike is now under way against Syria...Additionally Trump says the Syria response will be...

The Terrible Cost of Obama's Failure in Syria (
by Sniper on 8 Apr 2018  48 comments, latest 2 months ago
Four years ago, it almost looked as if chemical attacks on Syrian civilians would stop. “We struck a deal where we got 100 percent of the chemical weapons out,” declared...

Why millennials will learn nothing from Facebook’s privacy crisis (
by Sniper on 9 Apr 2018  2 comments, latest 2 months ago
Millennials don't seem to care that Facebook harvests their data for profit, but Zuckerberg should be worried. More than a decade into the social-media experiment, we can no longer claim...

Suspect accused of killing Massachusetts cop had 111 prior offenses (
by Sniper on 13 Apr 2018  Posted 2 months ago
If they just had one more "Common Sense Gun Law" in Massachusetts, I'm sure this criminal would have obeyed it, right??The suspect accused of fatally shooting a Massachusetts police officer...

Splitting California Into 3 States Just Reached An Important Milestone (
by Sniper on 12 Apr 2018  13 comments, latest 2 months ago
An initiative to split the state of California into three different states has gathered enough support via signatures to qualify as a ballot measure in November. This is one important...

School Arms Teachers with Tiny Baseball Bats to Defend Against Mass Shooters (
by Sniper on 12 Apr 2018  3 comments, latest 2 months ago
What stops a Bad guy with a gun is a Good guy with a mini baseball bat??Really?? Liberal Logic at it's best!!To protect their students from mass-shooters, a Pennsylvania school...
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