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Any bright ideas what I should do with my $5700 secret cash stash?
by alpo on 9 Jun 2018  31 comments, latest 10 days ago
1. continue stashing it away for emergency (bank run, earthquake, end of civilization, emergency money to bribe cops, hire goons, etc).2. payoff another $5700K off mortgage.3. other reasons...

Financial Advice: How can I rent out my house and move into a smaller place?
by alpo on 26 May 2018  42 comments, latest 23 days ago
I own and live alone in a $2M house (the "shack") in sf bay area with 80% equity. I want to rent out the shack and buy and move into...

live in house or rent it out
by alpo on 26 Feb 2017  54 comments, latest a year ago
I bought the house for $1M in 2009 in san mateo county. Now it is worth $1.75M. If I rent out the house I will get around $ 1,000 per...

buying a second house
by alpo on 12 Jun 2015  Posted 3 years ago
I was hoping to buy a second house in the same area where I live and then rent it out, but someone told me that I would only get a...

how to reduce 2015 taxes
by alpo on 15 May 2015  7 comments, latest 3 years ago
Me and wifey expect to have a taxable income somewhere between $500K and $600K this year due to some RSU's vesting. Whew! and good, but knowing the way things are...

what should I do with $200K
by alpo on 10 Mar 2015  151 comments, latest 3 years ago
I have around 400K of total savings (besides 401k) and a house that is 70% paid off. I am trying to figure out if i should spend $200K of my...
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