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post display format
by c1561490 on 26 Oct 2016  Posted 3 years ago
My requests: -I want to see the date and time the post/comment was made. Right now only the time is shown. -I want to see a post number(eg, #32 in...

Tesla Gigafactory's effect on local housing (rgj.com)
by c1561490 on 10 Aug 2016  3 comments, latest 3 years ago
Tesla said they expect their gigafactory to employ about 6500 people full time by 2020, and the average salary looks to be about $23/hr, so thats about 45k / yr....

how to goto page 2?
by c1561490 on 3 May 2016  7 comments, latest 3 years ago
I go to the new home page, at http://patrick.net/ and see a new format. I read about 20 posts, but now I want to read post #21. How do I...
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