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Dislocation alert: 4-week t-bill auction yielding 1.30% today
by justme in #misc   12 comments, latest 17 days ago
Note that 1.30% is *above* the FRB (Fed) 1.00-1.25% target range, and also a big jump from the 0.96% yield at the previous auction just a week ago. Neither the...
Bad web design: mobile edition
by justme in #misc   1 comment, latest 3 months ago
I thought I might give an example of how NOT to redesign a web site for "mobile". Google just redesigned their News page to be "mobile friendly" within the last...
Amazon getting desperate: Announcing $5B stock buyback
by justme in #buyback   26 comments, latest 3 months ago Inc.'s stock AMZN, +1.43% climbed 1.5% in after-hours trade Wednesday, after the e-commerce giant announced a new $5 billion share repurchase program. The company disclosed in a regulatory filing...
Senate Testimony by Attorney General Jeff Sessions
by justme in #misc   41 comments, latest 3 months ago
Open thread about testimony.
Don't put your money in FANG stocks, says this chart
by justme in #misc   15 comments, latest 3 months ago
So, @jvolstad, it is not just housing you should not put your money into, it is also the stock market ;-)
Obsession: Radical Capitalism's global War against Russia and the Ghost of the Soviet Union
by justme in #misc   43 comments, latest 4 months ago
I happened upon a good description of the Vietnam War (circa 1955-1975), in a clip about the movie "The Quiet American" based on the 1955 book by the famed English...
What central bank monetary policy really does (Fed, FRB, ECB, BoE, BOJ)
by justme in #economy   14 comments, latest 5 months ago
This is an ongoing thread for occasional posts about the effect of and motivations behind monetary policy. It is unusual for the financial press to quote anyone that states that...
Desperate banks? $500 reward for $15,000 for 6 months
by justme in #VolckerRuleDelayed   33 comments, latest 5 months ago
An ongoing thread on the topic of banks garnering deposits to use for risky activities Chase bank sent me some junk mail that offers $500 to open checking+saving accounts. Requirements...
Canada housing bubble: Home Capital Group stock drops 58%
by justme in #housing   1 comment, latest 5 months ago
Looks like Canada housing bubble may be going bust. Canadian mortgage lender Home Capital Group stock drops 59% today. #housing #bubble #housingbubble
Lake Oroville, CA, dam emergency
by justme in #oroville   62 comments, latest 7 months ago
The above reference photo gives the proper perspective. Note auxilliary/secondary spillway, far left, and the regular/primary spillway, the long concrete "waterslide" right next to it. The big earthen dam...
Divorce: You're the man, Ellen DeGeneres!
by justme in #divorce   29 comments, latest 7 months ago Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s $345 Million Divorce: “This Could Be One Of Hollywood’s Dirtiest Divorces Ever” (EXCLUSIVE) Portia de Rossi has finally had enough. After eight years... not on list of Russian propaganda outlets
by justme in #politics   16 comments, latest 10 months ago
Much has been said about the recently published list of purported Russian propaganda outlets. The list contains scores of US (and some Russian) sites, including such luminaries as
India currency demonetisation (500- and 1000-rupee bills)
by justme in #misc   3 comments, latest 10 months ago
The topic of the exchange of the pre-Nov8 2016 500-rupee and 1000--rupee bills into new 500- and 2000-rupee bills has been incredibly rife with misinformation and people not getting the...
Gwen Ifill in memoriam -- PBS Newshour hour-long navel-gazing
by justme in #misc   6 comments, latest 10 months ago
Gwen Ifill of the PBS Newshour TV program passed away from cancer. In response, the PBS Newshour decided to dedicate, and I quote, "most of today's program" to talking about...
Realtor(TM) confesses to killing 7
by justme in #realtor   12 comments, latest a year ago Realtor accused of chaining woman ‘like a dog’ killed at least 7, officials say A real estate agent in South Carolina is accused of kidnapping a woman who was...
Obamacare: Health insurance cost trajectory
by justme in #obamacare   8 comments, latest a year ago
With all the propaganda being spread around about the supposedly sky-rocketing cost of Obamacare/ACA health insurance, I thought I'd start a thread to share my own cost experience. As some...
Gulf of Tonkin version 2.0 in Yemen
by justme in #tonkin   Posted a year ago
Gulf of Tonkin == Gulf of Aden (Where is Thunderlips when you need him??) #tonkin #aden #falseflag #falsepretense #war #warmongering
Corporate buybacks are 99% of NET stock purchases in 2016 so far
by justme in #buyback   12 comments, latest a year ago
There is an article on Zerohedge(*) this week that refers to some (IMO) very significant data from BofA's brokerage division, previously known as Merrril Lynch (ML). Basically the data shows...
Democratic National Convention: Play-by-play
by justme in #misc   114 comments, latest a year ago
Use this thread to post the happenings of the Democratic National Convention: I'll start: The schedulers are trying to bring out non-booable performers in order to silence the voice of...
The Banque Royale (Mississippi) bubble 300 year anniversary: Nothing has changed
by justme in #justme   24 comments, latest a year ago
justme (2) ignore (2) Sun, 27 Mar 2016, 10:27am PDT Share Quote Like Dislike Spam Edit Delete Comment 1 The Banque Royale Bubble, more commonly known by the misnomer "the...
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