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Supreme court reinstates Trump travel ban-will hear full arguments in fall
by lostand confused in #misc   26 comments, latest 3 months ago WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court is letting the Trump administration enforce its 90-day ban on travelers from six mostly Muslim countries, overturning lower court orders that blocked it....
Haha-IHL has created a monster!
by lostand confused in #lonelyironcunt   56 comments, latest a year ago
WI recount ends , Trump picks up 162 votes!!!!
by lostand confused in #misc   12 comments, latest 9 months ago AP) Republican Donald Trump’s victory in Wisconsin was reaffirmed Monday following a recount that showed him defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton by more than 22,000 votes.
An Indian and an African walk into a bar!!
by lostand confused in #misc   37 comments, latest 5 months ago
Huh- Poll says 85% think freedom of speech is more important than not offending someone?
by lostand confused in #misc   28 comments, latest a month ago I disapprove of what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it. Another 10 percent disagreed with that statement, and 17 percent said they...
Constitutional Scholar Obozo-Trump's free speech disqualify's him from Preside
by lostand confused in #misc   53 comments, latest 2 years ago The White House angrily challenged Republicans to denounce their party's presidential frontrunner Donald Trump Tuesday, claiming his "toxic" plan to ban Muslims from entering the country should disqualify him...
I am a liberal Professor and my liberal students terrify me
by lostand confused in #zampolit   18 comments, latest a year ago I'm a professor at a midsize state school. I have been teaching college classes for nine years now. I have won (minor) teaching awards, studied pedagogy extensively, and almost...
Bombs in NJ and explosion in Manhattan? Now mass stabbings in MN mall!!!
by lostand confused in #ObamasSons   51 comments, latest a year ago
Anyone knows what is going on-been reading the news, but no concrete info yet-any natives know what is going on? #ObamasSons
Trump's 1st victory- Obama gives up on TPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by lostand confused in #misc   8 comments, latest 10 months ago White House had hoped to push the deal forward in the lame-duck session of Congress, assuming Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had won the election.
Wow-DOJ to take on affirmative action in colleges
by lostand confused in #misc   11 comments, latest 2 months ago he Trump administration is preparing to redirect resources of the Justice Department’s civil rights division toward investigating and suing universities over affirmative action admissions policies deemed to discriminate against...
Has Indiana religious freedom law-legalized Sharia in Indiana??
by lostand confused in #misc   11 comments, latest 2 years ago There has to be one Muslim Wiccan out there who is truly delirious with joy. (Although Im not sure technically if such a combo is possible.) In any event,...
German official says some refugees ISIS radicals.
by lostand confused in #misc   9 comments, latest 2 years ago A senior German police official says some of the migrants reaching Europe are Islamic State radicals planning terrorist attacks, but the refugee influx is not systemically used by extremists...
Trigglypuff memes !!
by lostand confused in #misc   26 comments, latest a year ago
Jane Fonda and triggly puff-man Jane Fonda was hot back then. I can dance to this-err maybe flail my arms around!
Dems delegate tally -Hillary 394 , bernie 44
by lostand confused in #misc   10 comments, latest 2 years ago
So why do the dems go through this fake primary process? Hillary/Bernie were pretty much even in Iowa and he clobbered her in NH by massive margins and yet the...
Media bias or the new liberal reality??
by lostand confused in #misc   33 comments, latest a year ago
Ok, so I drove again to the trump rally in Bloomington, IL today-since the fascist/Nazi dems denied me my 1st amendment rights on Friday in Chicago. Those attending the rally...
ISIS throws gay man off building in Mosul-Obama to bring in more jihadi refugees
by lostand confused in #misc   29 comments, latest 8 months ago Highly disturbing images have emerged showing ISIS membersthrowing a man off the top of a building in Mosul as punishment for being gay.
by lostand confused in #misc   50 comments, latest 8 months ago President Donald J. Trump killed the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) once and for all on Monday, signing an executive order officially withdrawing from the trade deal negotiations.
BLM Toronto calls Trudeau a liar, white supremacist and a terrorist-LOL!!!!!!
by lostand confused in #misc   12 comments, latest 8 months ago Quebec City is a white supremacist settler colony! When Justin Trudeau responded to the Muslim ban that this COWARD, this white supremacist coward, Donald Trump put forward…what did Justin...
Tuition benefit to illegals challenged in CA court
by lostand confused in #misc   11 comments, latest 8 months ago A confrontation between certain states and localities and the federal government is looming over the matter of giving sanctuary to illegal aliens. Top of the list is California, which...
Oregon State offers fat studies courses-claims weightism and fatphobia are hot button civil rights issues!!
by lostand confused in #misc   25 comments, latest a month ago panned Health At Any Size movement. Body size isnt a good indicator of health, she argues. To Watkins, even individuals who can be classified as morbidly obese could be...
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