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Stop Global Warming - kill your pets
by mmmarvel in #misc   17 comments, latest 2 months ago
So okay, he doesn't really tell you to kill your pets (dogs and cats) but he tells us how BIG of an environmental foot print they leave. Conclusion - either...
Gotta love CA
by mmmarvel in #misc   16 comments, latest 2 months ago
Uh, yeah, this is real and yeah it is in CA
Too bad, we encourage this nonsense
by mmmarvel in #misc   5 comments, latest 4 months ago
Okay, so I'll be buying mine ... uh, no time while I'm alive. As if wearing your pants below your underwear wasn't bad enough - no, time to go beyond...
SF will now provide FREE Community College to residents
by mmmarvel in #misc   Posted 8 months ago
Sure, they can afford it - go for it. Just ANOTHER reason to NOT live in SF.
In case you thought Portlandia was just a made up show (income inequality)
by mmmarvel in #misc   6 comments, latest 9 months ago
The city of Portland, Oregon, recently passed a new law that will raise the tax on businesses whose CEO makes substantially more than their workers. According to the New York...
A Restaurant is an example of Marxist government (it closes)
by mmmarvel in #misc   5 comments, latest 9 months ago
So, this wonderful Marxist, vegan, vegetarian and raw food restaurant that had met with significant national acclaim. But the restaurant’s business model, which did not allow for bosses or managers,...
Black Jeopardy
by mmmarvel in #misc   1 comment, latest a year ago
Gotta share, if you haven't seen this it's worth it ... and too funny.
The Economy sucks and has gotten WORSE under Obama
by mmmarvel in #IButtFuckMyGrandkidsInNewJersey   9 comments, latest a year ago
I know, I know, all the liberals are screaming that I'm a racist and how can that be true? Well, would a study from the Harvard Business School carry any...
Never say N*****
by mmmarvel in #never   7 comments, latest a year ago
No it's not some racial slur - Never say Never. I said I would never get a divorce, guess what, I got one. I said I'd never send my kids...
IRS tax problem ... we can help - B.S.
by mmmarvel in #lickmyclit   Posted a year ago
Anyone ever deal with the scumbags that advertise that they can help your tax problems??? Now I know where the used-car salesmen who wanted to make more money have gone....
Like Hillary??? Plan on opening your wallet
by mmmarvel in #misc   10 comments, latest a year ago
Beyond the fact that the woman is evil - her tax plans are ... INSANE!!
Hillary won't meet with Gold Medalist but will meet with Muslim
by mmmarvel in #hillarygold   6 comments, latest a year ago
This young woman wins the Gold Medal in the 10 meter air rifle competition and Hillary snubs her. But have a Muslim woman who competed in fencing, but didn't win...
$15 an hour minimum wage or ... whadda ya mean I don't have a job?
by mmmarvel in #misc   38 comments, latest a year ago
As predicted a raise in minimum wage has ended up costing those workers hours and/or jobs. Check it out, it's sad - As stated in the article - "...depending how...
A Short Politically Incorrect Climate Conversation
by mmmarvel in #misc   20 comments, latest a year ago
I hate it when facts get in the way.
by mmmarvel in #misc   6 comments, latest a year ago
In Sedro-Woolley, Washington a restaurant made a formal request to some law enforcement officers that they discontinue coming to the restaurant for meals. Now Sedro-Woolley MIGHT have a black population...
Your were born racist
by mmmarvel in #misc   5 comments, latest a year ago
Or at least that is what one PRIVATE school in New York is shoving down the throats of the white kids who go there. Whites are segregated in class rooms...
Car made out of wood
by mmmarvel in #misc   12 comments, latest a year ago
Okay, so only the body is made out of wood, cedar to be exact, but dang, it's beautiful.
by mmmarvel in #misc   Posted a year ago
No, not technology in Finland. Last night on 60 minutes they had an interview with the co-founders of an online banking ... app, called Stripe. In the video they stated...
The coming of the Smombies
by mmmarvel in #misc   5 comments, latest a year ago
What is a Smombie?? It is a portmanteau of "smartphone" and "zombies" used to describe people walking and staring at their devices. In other words, people who can't pull their...
How much tax under which candidate
by mmmarvel in #misc   8 comments, latest a year ago
So here is a little program that will give you a good idea how much more or less you'll pay under the tax programs put forth by the four candidates...
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