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Let's shut Down China
by rocketjoe79 on 25 Aug 2019  15 comments, latest 18 days ago
This country has enough coal to power the USA for 3000 years at current rates. And we can burn it cleanly. But, no, let's engage in wildly more expensive and...

Oakland TV Crew Mugged and Shot (
by rocketjoe79 on 25 Feb 2019  17 comments, latest 7 months ago What's most interesting about this is that the crew had a security guard attached to them for this event. How many other cities need protection for news crews just...

Today's males aren't sure how to be male (
by rocketjoe79 on 10 Jan 2019  17 comments, latest 8 months ago
Young men now have a site where they can buy stuff to identify as a man: <<--this is a real thing. They may want to be men, but that's...

Washington Post: Rachel Mitchells Summary: She questioned Kavanaugh's First Accuser (
by rocketjoe79 on 30 Sep 2018  10 comments, latest a year ago
It's all here, read for yourself: It's great to be able to read the real data sometimes, untainted by the media.

What a surprise: Men afraid to mentor women (
by rocketjoe79 on 17 May 2019  7 comments, latest 4 months ago
It's from the NYPost, but whatev:

Time's almost out for Hilairy
by rocketjoe79 on 19 Dec 2016  1 comment, latest 3 years ago
#politics 4:18 p.m. – Donald Trump, 256 | Hillary Clinton, 139 | Other, 4 The eleven members of the Electoral College from Massachusetts have chosen Clinton for president and brought...

I have been Terminated! Should I take a lump sum pension and invest it?
by rocketjoe79 on 3 Sep 2019  34 comments, latest 11 days ago
Yep, company decided to shutter the division I was working for. So I'll be a "free agent" Sep 15. I'm 62 this month, so I could just retire. I'm seriously...

Clinton Email Case opened by District Judge (
by rocketjoe79 on 6 Jan 2019  1 comment, latest 8 months ago It's about time.

Retirement Lump sum question
by rocketjoe79 on 8 Jan 2019  14 comments, latest 8 months ago
Ok. All you smart PatNet financial wizards: My company locked my pension in 2016. I'm still working for the company, but no more increase for my pension. I can take...

Is it time for me to move my 401k to safety stocks? (
by rocketjoe79 on 13 Jun 2019  23 comments, latest 3 months ago
PMI is averaging down last 6 mos: Morgan Stanley doom and gloom: I can wait it out for a few months and buy back in later?

Need help with the math
by rocketjoe79 on 16 May 2012  6 comments, latest 7 years ago
My son tells me to buy into stocks using the following scheme: if the market drops 5%, put 5% of your portfolio into the market. Likewise, I guess when the...
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