I am really amiable, pretty easy to get along with as long as you maintain civility and some semblance of logic. Respect is key; if I'm not being respectful, let me know. I lean Right; that is, I favor rights of the individual over the masses. I also highly value financial literacy and smarts over intelligence. Rich, but not wealthy. Reluctant to lead, but will do so; in other words, has had greatness thrust upon me

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The teamwork explained (
by steverbeaver on 14 Aug 2019  Posted a month ago
https://www.theburningplatform And you are not on it.https://www.theburningplatf

Calling it Now: Best-President-to-Date
by steverbeaver on 1 Jul 2018  89 comments, latest a year ago
It has truly been an unexpected surprise to watch the Trump admin perform thus far. In totality, I am fairly confident to call it now: we are witnessing a very...

Real Estate Predictions for Short Term?
by steverbeaver on 15 Aug 2017  16 comments, latest 2 years ago
I predict housing will subside a little bit in the coming two years... what is your prediction? I also think Cali could go either way, but if it does go...

Best Beers: IPAs
by steverbeaver on 24 Aug 2017  2 comments, latest 2 years ago
Ok beeches, list me your favorite IPAs if you like them, if you dare! Politics aside, time to measure erect! Top 10 MAX, please. No politics, just beer boners!

How to post a "living" document
by steverbeaver on 24 Aug 2017  Posted 2 years ago
Sometimes a running tally or living assessment, esp. during investigation, is needed. Is there a way to post such an item on this site? Please show me if you know...
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