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Isis 'execute six men with welding equipment and whip child for wearing Messi T-
by turtledove in #ISIS   69 comments, latest 3 months ago
Isis has executed six young men with welding equipment in a horrific public execution in front of a huge crowd of onlookers. The terror group also brutally assaulted beat three...
How low is the bar, really? US Senate Candidates from CA
by turtledove in #politics   54 comments, latest 7 months ago
I just received my California "Official Voter Information Guide." So, I'm thumbing through the statements of the senate candidates and one really stands out above all the others. The statement...
So Cal Patnet Meetup 12/10 Pizza Port San Clemente 5:30 - 8:00
by turtledove in #misc   110 comments, latest 10 months ago
Several people have expressed interest in a Southern California meet-up. If this is anything like the one last summer in SF, it will be a lot of fun. And maybe...
Typos in Wikileaks latest tweets spell Help Him
by turtledove in #misc   8 comments, latest a year ago
This is probably totally nuts, but the fact that it's been deleted a couple of times on Reddit, made me want to put it here just to preserve it. Sometimes...
Nominate the stupidest, unsubstantiated claim made about a candidate
by turtledove in #misc   11 comments, latest a year ago
What do you think is the stupidest, unsubstantiated claim made about a candidate in this election cycle? This could be about any candidate. I think I'd have to give the...
State aide sought to change classification of Clinton email
by turtledove in #misc   4 comments, latest a year ago
WASHINGTON — A senior State Department official asked for the FBI’s help last year to change the classification level of an email from Hillary Clinton’s private server in a proposed...
Wealthy Swedes asked to re-house asylum-seekers in their holiday cottages
by turtledove in #refugees   13 comments, latest a year ago
WEALTHY Swedes are being urged to let asylum seekers move into their holiday cottages as local authorities struggle to tackle a growing housing crisis. Letters have been sent to second...

Hillary Lies Without Limit. Idiot Libs Don't Mind Cuz They Believe Their Own PR
by turtledove in #crookedhillary   92 comments, latest a year ago
See, I can do it too. Doesn't change anything though... Trump doesn't come close to the gravity of Hillary's lies. Too bad the left is so naïve and easily brainwashed...

September 26, 2016 Presidential Debate
by turtledove in #debate   387 comments, latest a year ago
I hope everyone will be tuning in... Perhaps, we can have some live discussion. Kind of like Mystery Science Theater... only with Patnet members and politics... For those living under...

Child Support Slavery
by turtledove in #childsupport   101 comments, latest a year ago
This is such a corrupt system designed to screw over men, it boggles my mind that so many sat back and just let it happen. We were a little over...
Lyingshrillfallingdownjismrecepticle Can't Keep up With the Trump Train
by turtledove in #lyingshrillfallingdownjismrecept   Posted a year ago
Have you received your benefits packet for 2017?
by turtledove in #healthcare   36 comments, latest a year ago
20% increase to my premium, and my coinsurance went from 25% to 50%. So, a $200 increase/month for half the plan. When will The idiots who thought this was a...
Elliemae, I need your advice about something
by turtledove in #aging   17 comments, latest a year ago
@elliemae Hey there. I have a question for you. My husband's parents are getting on in age. His mother is suffering from dementia, but physically healthy. His father seems to...
Mike Pence Refuses to Call David Duke 'Deplorable'
by turtledove in #politics   19 comments, latest a year ago
Donald Trump's running mate may not want former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke's backing — but he has refused to call him "deplorable". On Tuesday, following a meeting with...
Minnesota Democrats try to kick Trump off ballot
by turtledove in #politics   7 comments, latest a year ago
Washington (CNN) — Democratic officials in Minnesota are trying to oust Donald Trump from the state's ballot on a technicality. The state's Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party filed a petition Thursday with the...
Obama calls off meeting with Philippine leader after 'whore' jibe
by turtledove in #iknowyouarebutwhatami   12 comments, latest a year ago
US President Barack Obama has cancelled a meeting with controversial Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who had earlier called him a "son of a whore". Mr Duterte was responding to the...
Trending... #coding #porn #crime #scitech #doh #feminism #hooters
by turtledove in #hashtags   2 comments, latest a year ago
What does this say about us?#hashtags
Your Relatives DNA Could Turn You Into a Suspect
by turtledove in #crime   24 comments, latest a year ago
The three men who showed up at Michael Usry’s door last December were unfailingly polite. They told him they were cops investigating a hit-and-run that had occurred a few...
5 things to know about French burkini bans
by turtledove in #burkiniban   141 comments, latest a year ago
The French Riviera resort Cannes was the first to temporarily ban the burkini — full-body swimwear Muslim women wear at public beaches and pools — on July 28, in...
State Dept. confirms $400 million Iran payment conditioned on hostage release
by turtledove in #iransom   5 comments, latest a year ago
Republicans are claiming vindication after the State Department confirmed on Thursday that the United States conditioned the release of a $400 million cash payment to Iran on the departure of...
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