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Question on rental properties and taxes
by krc in #housing   4 comments, latest 5 years ago
I wanted to bounce a couple of questions off of those on this board who own rental real estate, which seems like a number of people. 1) I moved from...
IWOG - opinion please....
by krc in #housing   3 comments, latest 4 years ago
Is this a flip? Is this a realistic assessment of the appreciation going on in Concord already, or is there something else at play? Curious since you know the area.......
What to do... rental: keep or sell. IWOG - thoughts?
by krc   Posted 11 months ago
I have a rental house in livermore. 4br/2b, in Springtown area. Built in 1994. We have been renting it out for last 6 years (was a primary before we bought...

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