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By jazz_music   2016 Nov 7, 11:56am   1 link   404 views   2 comments   watch (1)   quote      

They can't double-talk this issue away.

Bill Maher called out evangelicals for the dangerous hypocrisy they are displaying with their support for everything they preach against, which Donald Trump exemplifies. You can watch the video here.

"Before leaving this election behind we must all thank Donald Trump for the one good thing he did," Bill Maher said. "He exposed evangelicals who are big Trump supporters as the shameless hypocrites they have always been. I don't know if you noticed, but Republicans didn't get to play the Jesus card this time around because it is hard to bring up the ten commandments when your candidate spent his life breaking all of them. Trump's commandments are like the regular commandments with LOL at the end."

Bill Maher then went on to itemize with examples the commandments Trump continuously break. He displayed the women he committed adultery with. He played clips of him cursing and bearing false witness. He used Trump University to illustrate his stealing. He displayed Vladimir Putin as an example of Trump having false idols.

"He is the world's least godly man," Bill Maher said. "Jesus saw the good in whores and lepers, but if he met Donald Trump he would say 'Sorry man, that's a preexisting condition."

Maher said that with four days left until the election, he wanted to celebrate one thing. Because evangelicals chose the most ungodly character to support, they could not inject religion into the campaign.

"But I still think we are owed an explanation from the values voters as to how they could line up behind Trump," Bill Maher said sarcastically. "A man who love to say, 'Nobody loves the Bible like I do.' Who when asked couldn't name a single passage. Even Sarah Palin said 'Hey for f$ck sake, it's not a newspaper.'"

Maher reminded the audience about the fiasco that occurred when Trump tried to name a book of the Bible. Instead of saying second Corinthians he said 'two' Corinthians.

"Trump has nothing in common with Jesus who was from the Middle East," Bill Maher said. "Trump wouldn't even let him into the country. Jesus healed the blind. Trump mocked the handicap. Jesus turned the other cheek. Trump grabbed her pu$$y. Jesus turned water into wine. Trump just whines. The Bible says, 'Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife.' Trump says fine. What about my daughter?"

Maher further illustrates the hypocrisy of the evangelicals.

"In the primaries, evangelicals had a whole bouquet of religious nuts to choose from," Maher said. "Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson. Ben Carson who doesn't just walk with Jesus. They shower together. But they went with the foul mouth, thrice married, pu$$y grabber with one exception. I never thought I would hear myself say this. But, let's hear it for the Mormons."

Bill Maher went on and pointed out that evangelicals support Trump 75%/14%. Mormons only give him 19% support. He gave kudos to the Mormons.

"Apparently the Mormons believe you shouldn't vote for a lying infantile scumbag just because he is on your team," Maher said.

While his typically crude self, Bill Maher hit this one out of the park again.

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1   TwoScoopsMcGee   1695/1695 = 100% civil   2016 Nov 7, 12:03pm  ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike   quote    

How about Hillary Supporters proving they are team players:

* Ignoring Hillary's stance on Keystone XL and her record of pushing Fracking hard as Secretary of State.
* Ignoring her support of every single kind of military action since she hit the national stage, not just Iraq.
* Ignoring Hillary's all-time record Corporate Donations, Bundling amounts, and PACs/SuperPACs funded by Big Corporations.
* Ignoring her pro-TPP Record.
* Ignoring her unwillingness to answer the question if she'd down Russian Planes in her desired No-Fly Zone

* Ignoring her tight relationship with Saudi Arabia and Qatar
* Ignoring her non-disclosure of Qatar donating $1M to the CF while she was Sec. of State.
* Ignoring her 'one device' lies about her Server
* Ignoring her bald faced lie her Server was 'approved' by authorities and she did nothing wrong by operating one.

Can't double-talk these things away.

2   Ceffer   858/858 = 100% civil   2016 Nov 7, 1:09pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    


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