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Hitlery's Youth is just prime for the picking for my California GOP outreach

By Tenpoundbass   Jan 10, 1:51pm   146 views   0 comments   watch (0)   quote

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton allegedly spent “tens of millions of dollars” on digital youth outreach during her campaign, reportedly spending an extra $30 million on internet adverts just over a month before election day.

“Mrs. Clinton employed more than 100 people in her digital team and spent tens of millions of dollars targeting millennials with a series of hi-tech messages on Facebook,” reported the Telegraph on Monday. “But experts said she might have been better off buying newspaper or local TV adverts in the handful of key states she unexpectedly lost.”

“Mrs. Clinton’s digital team, sitting in their Brooklyn headquarters under a ‘Swipe Right for Hillary’ banner, were told to think ‘out of the box’ and appeal to young voters on social media, using outlets including Snapchat and Pinterest,” it continued. “A total of 30 young staff members were assigned to film her on the campaign trail and post the slickly edited videos on Facebook.”

Other projects that Clinton’s campaign spent money on in an attempt to secure millennials included a four-part comic book series based on what they predicted a Donald Trump presidency would look like, while Facebook adverts took the top priority.

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