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Geography Porn: Why Cities Are Where They Are
By Dan8267   #history   1 comment, latest 1 week ago   ↑ Like (2)   ↓ Dislike
Every country in the world
By Dan8267   #geography   1 comment, latest 1 week ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike
A correction to the second video: Mount Everest is NOT the tallest mountain on Earth. If you stand on a chair, you might be higher than Shaquille O'Neal, but...
U.S. overdue to raise taxes on the rich
By tovarichpeter   20 comments, latest 5 months ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike (3) Americans of modest means. Early in the Obama era, the ennobling language of campaign pundits prevailed. There was much discussion of white working-class voters, with whom the Democrats, and...
You'll need time to read this.
By HEY YOU   1 comment, latest 5 months ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike Americans of modest means. Early in the Obama era, the ennobling language of campaign pundits prevailed. There was much discussion of white working-class voters, with whom the Democrats, and...
Experimental Geography
By indigenous   #housing   1 comment, latest 8 months ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike
Saturday, May 14, 2016 Employment, construction, and the cost of San Francisco apartments Everyone agrees that housing in San Francisco is expensive, and that the high costs are hurting the...
Feds Paid $709,000 To Academic Who Studies How Glaciers Are Sexist
By indigenous   5 comments, latest 9 months ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike
Academics at the University of Oregon have determined that glaciers and the science that studies them are deeply sexist. “Merging feminist postcolonial science studies and feminist political ecology, the feminist...
U.S. housing winners and losers
By tovarichpeter   posted 9 months ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike (1) The overall U.S. housing market has recovered from the crisis that plunged the country into recession. But a new analysis by The Washington Post shows that the recovery has...
Awkward Poll Results - Republicans To Bomb Agrabah?
By BayAreaObserver   13 comments, latest 1 year ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike
Thirty percent of Republicans say they would support bombing Agrabah, and 13 percent say they would oppose that measure. Most, about 57 percent, were simply unsure. If you’re unclear about...
They are off the rails
By Tenpoundbass   1 comment, latest 1 year ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike (1) Officials had been "receiving voluminous phone calls and electronic mail locally and from outside the area," the school system said. According to CNN, the "tone and content" were nasty...
Heart disease by geography in Europe
By Patrick   8 comments, latest 1 year ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike
sure, there are many possible explanations, but damn, it corresponds really well to wine, beer, and hard liquor. the french drink wine the germans drink beer the eastern europeans...
What If We Redrew State Boundaries?
By Dan8267   #politics   2 comments, latest 1 year ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike (1) Unfortunately, Americans would never go for anything that involves learning new geography.#politics
Sunday 10 August 2008 19.01 EDT
By HEY YOU   #environment   posted 1 year ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike All the world's coastal plains would be lost, complete with ports, cities, transport and industrial infrastructure, and much of the world's most productive farmland. The world's geography would be...
The FBI Was Responsible for the 9 Church Deaths in Charleston
By Ironman   14 comments, latest 1 year ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike (1)
After the killing of nine churchgoers in Charleston, S.C., President Obama urged a ‘greater sense of urgency’ on gun control. But an FBI mistake – not weak laws – allowed...
Chiles Growing Desert Is Closing In on the Countrys Capital
By indigenous   #environment   6 comments, latest 1 year ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike
The world’s driest desert is expanding south and sitting in its path is Chile’s capital. Santiago, a city of 7 million people 1,000 kilometers (622 miles) from the Atacama desert,...
The March of Reason against Superstition
By T L Lipsovich   posted 1 year ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike (1)
. Jerusalem (AFP) - They were already in their 20s the first time they ever heard about dinosaurs, learned algebra or even began understanding basic English. Now a group...
Republicans Unlearning Facts Learned in Third Grade to Compete in Primary
By BayAreaObserver   #politics   posted 2 years ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike
In the hopes of appealing to Republican primary voters, candidates for the 2016 Presidential nomination are working around the clock to unlearn everything that they have learned since the...
Barron Hilton will leave estate to charity
By tovarichpeter   9 comments, latest 2 years ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike (1) The hotel magnate Barron Hilton has announced plans to donate almost all his fortune to charity, slashing at a stroke his granddaughter Paris Hilton's inheritance, not to mention her...
Redfin Names Six Housing Market Personas for 2015
By Ironman   #housing   1 comment, latest 2 years ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike
To illustrate Redfins expectations for the 2015 housing market, we decided to get a bit more local, and have a little fun. In the infographic below, Redfin identifies six different...
What comes after the nation state?
By tovarichpeter   posted 2 years ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike Over time, cultures formed around a common language and geography determined many aspects of lifestyle. As an example, people who lived next to the sea oriented much of their...
Obama's immigration policy makes good sense
By tovarichpeter   #politics   10 comments, latest 2 years ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike (1) Thursdaynight was very strong). The immigration system is broken, and the House has consistently resisted action, even after Senate Ds and Rs passed a comprehensive bill. So, good for...
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