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Syria: U.S.-led coalition kills another 35+ civilians
by curious2 in #Islam   Posted 1 hour ago
A fresh wave of airstrikes in eastern Syria killed at least 35 civilians including women and children, state media and a monitoring group reported Friday, as the U.N. human rights...
Happy Urban Weekend!
by TwoScoopsMcGee   Posted 4 hours ago
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Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly Exposed as Russian Cyborg!
by Blurtman in #RussianCyborgsRunTheUSA   1 comment, latest 13 hours ago
Homeland Security secretary defends Jared Kushner, blasts Manchester intelligence leaks There is nothing inherently wrong with an incoming presidential administration establishing “back channel” communications with a foreign power such as...
Reince Priebus Going to Serve as Ambassador to Greece Because His Principal Mode of Communications is Ass Fucking
by APOCALYPSEFUCK_is_ADORABLE   Posted 14 hours ago
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Fox news retracts Seth Rich's Faux news
by Tim Aurora   24 comments, latest 15 hours ago
A week after publishing a problematic account about the death of former Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich — an article that said Rich made contact with WikiLeaks before...
National Political Incorrectness Day
by Patrick in #politics   162 comments, latest 15 hours ago
How about a national day where everyone is encouraged to say politically incorrect things? What would you say? You don't have to actually believe what you say, it just has...
Trumps America First Infrastructure Plan: Let Saudi Arabia and Blackstone Take Care of It
by BayAreaObserver in #Politics   4 comments, latest 16 hours ago
Throughout the presidential campaign, Donald Trump blasted his rival for taking money from Saudi Arabia, which, he regularly charged, has a horrific human rights record and was behind the attack...
It's All About the Money - Russia, the cover-ups. Everything.
by BayAreaObserver in #Trump   1 comment, latest 17 hours ago
It simply comes down to money: the Russians, the meetings that mysteriously slipped everyone's minds when they were testifying before Congress or filling out disclosure forms, the vanishing tax returns,...
Making America more like Scandinavia
by tovarichpeter   43 comments, latest 1 day ago
A once powerful demographic group is losing ground in American politics. For most of the countrys history, white Christian Americathe cultural and political edifice built primarily by white Protestant...
A New GOP Bill Would Make It Virtually Impossible to Sue the Police
by BayAreaObserver in #PoliceState   6 comments, latest 1 day ago
Keeping with the Trump administration’s law-and-order rhetoric, Republicans in the House and Senate recently introduced a bill they’re calling the Back the Blue Act of 2017. The Senate bill was...
Marijuana: Last Week Tonight
by Dan8267 in #politics   Posted 2 days ago
Outrageous Turkish President Brutally Attacks Americans in Washington DC
by Indiana Jones   24 comments, latest 2 days ago
Why isn't the Turkish President being publicly denounced for this flagrant, illegal violation of American's rights? Only Senator McCain has spoken out. New video surfaced on Thursday that shows...
How Gary Cohn Could Sell U.S. Infrastructure To Goldman Sachs
by BayAreaObserver in #Politics   1 comment, latest 2 days ago
Leading the White House privatization initiative is Gary Cohn, the former president of Goldman Sachs, who received a $285 million dollar payout upon leaving the bank and taking a job...
John Oliver gives excellent analysis of the Repubican health care plan
by Dan8267 in #politics   Posted 2 days ago
Thankfully, this piece of shit wasn't passed, although it would be nice to see Trump's supporters screwed over by Trump. #politics
" Then he shared some military secrets with a foreign leader.."
by HEY YOU   1 comment, latest 2 days ago
We knew in the campaign that he had a big mouth when he was caught on tape bragging about assaulting women and getting away with it, but very few...
Jared Kushner Under Scrutiny in Russia Probe, Say Officials, Advising Criminally Insane Grifter on the Selection of a Wedding Dress for a Long Stretch Chained to a Pipe in the Shower in Allenwood
by APOCALYPSEFUCK_is_ADORABLE   5 comments, latest 3 days ago
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This cunt wants an appology from someone for cutting off her microphone now. She's the biggest advocate of resisit and protest Trump and his supporters.
by Tenpoundbass   2 comments, latest 3 days ago
In my 20 years as a Democratic Party leader, I have never experienced such the type of behavior as I did at the Sacramento Convention hall on Saturday evening....
Thousands flee Philippine city after Islamic rampage
by curious2 in #Islam   8 comments, latest 3 days ago
"Thousands of civilians fled fighting in the Philippines on Wednesday as troops tried to fend off Islamist militants who took over large parts of a city, capturing Christians, seizing and...
First public inernational blowback from leaks
by YesYNot   6 comments, latest 3 days ago
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