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I have a dream!
by Patrick   163 comments, latest 1 month ago
I look to a day when white people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. --Martin Luther King This is...
Truths you will never see in the US press
by Patrick   53 comments, latest 1 month ago
Diversity destroys communities. Every academic study shows that diversity lowers mutual trust and civic engagement. Feminism has made women significantly less happy and less likely to find men willing to...
NPR fails to mention 32 dead in Islamic attacks in "Today's Top News"
by Patrick in #npr   23 comments, latest 8 months ago
Those dead people in Istanbul, killed by Muslims dressed as Santa just hours ago, don't matter and are not mentioned on NPR, because they conflict with NPR's extreme political correctness....
Anti-white racism cutting into college donations
by Patrick   8 comments, latest 1 year ago
“As an alumnus of the college, I feel that I have been lied to, patronized and basically dismissed as an old, white bigot who is insensitive to the needs and...
2016 Election: Post Mortem
by iwog in #politics   238 comments, latest 9 months ago
First I'll assure everyone that I am not suicidal, am not on a walkabout, am not moving to another country, (yet) and I am not even all that upset about...
It is now racism to tell someone to speak English
by Blurtman   48 comments, latest 2 years ago
Not sure how it has come to this, but "racist" is becoming to mean anything one finds to be offensive. ******* DALLAS – A Texas high school football coach directed...
Ruki = Shrekgrinch = MarsAttacks = toast
by Patrick in #politics   51 comments, latest 5 years ago
I have nuked the account of Ruki, who was previously nuked as Shrekgrinch. Can't remember if I deleted MarsAttacks. Anyway, they were all the same person, which I could see...
BLM bullshit HAS to end!
by Quigley   10 comments, latest 1 year ago
Lower outcomes for blacks in all aspects of education and society have been repeatedly blamed on white privilege, racism, and "racist tests and curriculum." Black students are told that they...
Racist Students say they don't want White Roommates
by TwoScoopsMcGee   17 comments, latest 1 year ago
A group of students at the Claremont Colleges in search of a roommate insist that the roommate not be white. Student Karé Ureña (PZ ’18) posted on Facebook that non-white...
Dave Chappelle Defends Trump, Rips Clinton: Shes Not Right and We All Know It
by 8e6e0 in #LoveHonestCelebrities   8 comments, latest 10 months ago
I've always thought Chappelle was a very funny, intelligent comedian. He "gets" black America, too, and is able to communicate that culture to white America through comedy. Dave gave...
Anti-White racism continues: MTV again
by TwoScoopsMcGee   13 comments, latest 8 months ago
Imagine if somebody made a spot: "Hey, Black Gals, we came up with some Resolutions for you:" 1. Stop being bastard factories 2. Stop shoplifting 3. Stop beating up...
Islam = Homophobia, Misogyny, Anti-semitism
by resistance   38 comments, latest 1 year ago
The really amazing thing about ultra-PC support for Islam is that it is exactly and violently opposed to other causes that the PC crowd cares deeply about. How is this...
Colonel Allen West Responds To Sharptons Oscars Are Too White Controversy
by Blurtman   8 comments, latest 2 years ago
Integrate Curling Now!! "But Ill tell you where there IS a clear pattern of racism. Its in the NFL! I did a quick review of the starting line-ups for the...
Taxpayer-Backed School Holds Lesson On How To Stop White People
by zzyzzx in #racism   15 comments, latest 1 year ago
The State University of New York at Binghamton (SUNY-Binghamton) is offering a training class titled “StopWhitePeople2k16,” to instruct residential assistants (RAs) on how to deal with “uneducated” people who...
Wheelchair bound woman raped by 5 Rapefugees, Feminists: "Rapists over Racists"
by TwoScoopsMcGee in #Rapefugees   11 comments, latest 10 months ago
A wheelchair-bound woman was gang raped by 5 migrants. Due to the angry reactions that followed, feminists and leftists decided to throw a demonstration against racism. Angry Foreigner discusses the...
The dark spectre of political correctness
by BayAreaObserver in #PoliticalCorrectness   15 comments, latest 8 months ago
A spectre is haunting Europe—and it is not the spectre of communism. Marx’s dream had been replaced by a much more primitive, pernicious, and grotesque spectre, that of Political Correctness...
Crazy Liberals Want To Ban St. Patrick's Day Because It Is Racist
by RealEstateIsBetterThanStocks   11 comments, latest 5 months ago
Infowars reporter Millie Weaver, aka 'Rainbow Snatch', hits the streets in Austin, Texas during SXSW festivities to see if leftists would sign a petition in favor banning St. Patricks...
Blatant anti-white racism
by Blurtman in #PCRacism   9 comments, latest 1 week ago
At Harvard, which has argued in a Supreme Court brief that not considering race would hurt its “excellence” as a school, the incoming class of freshmen is 22.2% Asian American,...
Just caught the PBS Newshour in a liberal lie.
by Blurtman   10 comments, latest 2 years ago
Yesterday's segment on the Oscars' nominations with Gwen Not An Ifill. Two liberal guest "experts", no one representing the opposite viewpoint, otherwise known as a liberal lynching. The African American...
Accusations of racism are preparation for genocide against whites
by Patrick in #genocide   59 comments, latest 6 months ago
It is a general pattern in history that specific wealthier ethnic groups are demonized and accused of blanket guilt (though most of them are individually innocent) before massacring them them...
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