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FortWayne says

you don't understand basic physics.

When you say that, you must explain what is not understood and why this concept is crucially relevant otherwise you remain a simpleton flinging poo using a shiny new word you heard of.

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Can Trump change parties to Democrat now that Fox has abandoned his sorry ass?

3   jazz_music   872/873 = 99% civil   Jul 19, 2:16pm  ↑ like (2)   ↓ dislike (1)   quote    

Neoliberalism was used to legalize the propaganda system to transform the nation in a bunch of cattle who basically moo to each other about the virtues of McDonald's and Burger King, who preach hate about all non-vocational learning and vegans.

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Dan8267 says

Neoliberalism isn't new or liberal. It is really paleocapitalism, the old financial agenda of giving ownership and control of everything to a few owners so they can increase their already massive wealth

Very well put, I'll wager the originator of the OP does not understand the definition of neoliberalism as such.

International trade agreements are a typical example of neoliberalism where laws are set up as treaties that set forth the "rights of capital" and recourse for all foreseeable impediments.

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jazz_music says

I listen to all the soundbytes and no one is talking about solving the real problem

The fucking news make an art out of talking as if they were going to start saying something of importance any minute now and then they belabor agonizing details of some disturbing thing that happened at a certain place at a certain time with certain people and what is known about the disturbing happening so far and what authorities have to say about the disturbing thing that happened and then even what various people felt like as it happened, if an expert is called on camera for commentary you will be hearing about their great expertise and other such disturbing happenings and the anchor will invariably leave you with the notion that reality itself is a matter of opinion which fills up all the time so nothing of importance WAS EVER SAID ABOUT WHY THE FUCKING DISTURBING THING HAPPENED OR WHAT WE BEST DO TO STOP IT FROM HAPPENING.

On to the next fucking pile of shit after the commercials, unless the disturbing thing was soooo disturbing that it calls for a media vigil, such as Michael Jackson touched a little boy's penis or an airliner went into the ocean around Australia and they haven't yet found it.

UNLESS THE FUCKING GOVERNMENT AND THE DONOR CLASS wants to agitate for war then the fucking news will all have the full story about why war is the only possible reaction to this intolerably disturbing thing and it will contain enough disturbing truth in it to deceive the whole country to the point where you are no longer allowed to suggest to anyone that maybe war is yet another pile of shit made of debt and dead bodies without expecting people to jump you on the spot and beat the fuck out of you.

All of this obsession over the coming war(s) has the intended benefit of yet again keeping anyone from pursuing and correcting the corrupt FUCKING GOVERNMENT AND THE DONOR CLASS that live lives of ridiculous luxury by institutionalizing their periodically fined-tuned system of rentiers, surveillance, and enforcement to ass-rape all working people day and night, AS WE OTHERWISE ALL DEFINITELY COULD AND WOULD DO!!!

All of you best keep your expectations this low to prevent recurring thoughts of suicide.

6   jazz_music   872/873 = 99% civil   Jul 18, 11:21pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

Sure bet to win: sell short on American families.

MAGA for as few people as possible, otherwise they'll call it communism!


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Typical Mark Dice, wannabe coming down the low road looking for a high five LOL

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Strategist says

This is one of the few times that I actually agree with you

Implicitly you agree that the root problem is such a state of corruption that no one dare perturb health care investors out of fear for their career prospects.

9   jazz_music   872/873 = 99% civil   Jul 18, 8:35pm  ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike   quote    

Strategist says

we need to solve the problem.

The problem is that the health care industry has a principle purpose of ever increasing returns to it's shareholders as it's primary and only real responsibility.

Everybody else can live as long as they can afford to, this is the formula for national suicide.

In Alameda County, a private hospital turned away a woman in labor because the hospital's computer showed that she didn't have insurance. Hours later, her baby was born dead in a county hospital.

In San Bernardino, a hospital surgeon sent a patient who had been stabbed in the heart to a county medical center after examining him and declaring his condition stable. The patient arrived at the county medical center moribund, suffered a cardiac arrest, and died.

These two hospitals shifted these patients to county facilities not for medical reasons, but for economic ones -- the receiving hospitals feared they wouldn't be paid for treating the patient. These patients simply weren't "good business."

With little public warning, a concern for "good business" has moved to the heart of health care, a sector once relatively insulated from the pursuit of profit that drives the rest of the U.S. economy. Throughout our history, medical institutions have largely been "charitable," nonprofit establishments existing primarily to serve the community. But during the past 20 years, the number of for-profit health care facilities, ranging from national hospital chains affiliated with major academic institutions to local dialysis centers, has grown at a rate exceeding even that of the computer industry.

The ethical implications of the growing commercialization of health care have become a matter of heated controversy. Those favoring the trend toward health care for profit claim that an increased role for entrepreneurs and competition in the delivery of health care will result in a more efficient and effective health care system. For others, the pursuit of profit is antithetical to the values central to medicine.

It's not true that "the growing commercialization of health care have become a matter of heated controversy"

I listen to all the soundbytes and no one is talking about solving the real problem, not even Bernie Sanders, and my opinion is that because they are all afraid to touch on the subject for fear of being destroyed politically.

The situation reflects how securely corruption is set upon America.

10   jazz_music   872/873 = 99% civil   Jul 18, 8:20pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

Fucking White Male says

Damn Alltruth took a breather from sucking cock

No point again? You have a habit of merely insulting commenters.

Are you from a competing web site of something?

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FortWayne says

principles of small government.

... which brought the advent of biggest government ever under Reagan, but that's ideal with the addled alt right because it features the least benefit ever to taxpayers.

It's not socialism if it benefits billionaires! MAGA for as few as possible!

12   jazz_music   872/873 = 99% civil   Jul 17, 9:02pm  ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike   quote    

Fucking White Male says

U mean like dis?

When you have no point, U whine like dis?

13   jazz_music   872/873 = 99% civil   Jul 17, 1:58pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

Kind of bullshitty self aggrandizing mumble that basically goes nowhere

14   jazz_music   872/873 = 99% civil   Jul 17, 9:36am  ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike   quote    

HEY YOU says

A Third Party would force D & R DICKS to compromise regardless of their ideology & voter base.

I agree with you so much that I was volunteer activist for Ross Perot even though I didn't like a lot of his platform ...

because it looked like he could maybe win and he seemed to have a sense of honor and with genuine moral basis for his behavior.

Dems are just less of an insult to us all is the only reason we vote for them.

I would have been activist against Hillary Clinton even after voting for her.

That is just how bad our choices have been compromised/pwned.

You know America is in a FUCKING HELL of a predicament and has been ever since "they" got away with shooting Kennedy..

15   jazz_music   872/873 = 99% civil   Jul 13, 11:17am  ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike   quote    

The people need to have flames from God coming out of Trump family buttholes.

16   jazz_music   872/873 = 99% civil   Jul 13, 11:09am  ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike   quote    

Plus nobody should be deprived for very long time from hearing this this guy who must be the greatest sound byte in history.

And now, for the greater social good of salvation, feast your eyes and ears even yet again on pastor Manning's flames out the butthole speech:

This video really begs for something like Southpark to come along to supplement it with animated visuals interspersed with the pastor's rousing butt hole terrorism.

17   jazz_music   872/873 = 99% civil   Jul 13, 10:56am  ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike   quote    

Rew says

How can this list be without:

That is the satirical gimmick of the OP: these references are all purporting to be sincere while achieving the heights of comedy unintentionally.

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drBu says

Their content is not that much different from landover baptist, which is a parody.

You're going to burn in hell for saying that.

19   jazz_music   872/873 = 99% civil   Jul 12, 3:26pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

Ceffer says

all the pictures of Arabs picking their noses

There's already plenty of orbital reconnaissance vehicles to take pictures, you don't need one that can land and be emptied so that no one ever knows what weapons were inside it.

20   jazz_music   872/873 = 99% civil   Jul 12, 3:18pm  ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike   quote    

Tenpoundbass says

I hope there's blood in Europe so we wont have to get to that point. But we might!

Be sure to dig a grave for your unhinged ass.

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