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1   jazz music   167/167 = 100% civil   Mar 28, 8:03pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote   top   bottom   home   share  

errc says

Rich and successful people don't scrimp and save all year

... running an eBay business just so they can get subsidized Obamacare while talking all kinds of shit about free stuff at the same time. LOL

2   jazz music   167/167 = 100% civil   Mar 28, 7:58pm  ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike   quote   top   bottom   home   share  

Patrick says

found that more often than not, artists and writers and "self-made" entrepreneurs come from families who can support their kids indefinitely.

And they are even better looking too because they don't go around so stressed out about everything the way the common shleppers do. Access to optional health treatments means that nothing about your physical being is ever going to hang you up very much either.

You basically just have to avoid being a total self-defeating fuck up, and even that some find THAT MUCH impossible to manage. --they wind up in an executive role at dad's business pretty easily though.

It's always interesting to meet up with mutual friends of the elite pricks and talk and talk getting the latest news on the life of the special person. --so entertaining! How did that latest business work out importing antiques from Russia??? ... and did he ever get off of crystal meth? And "how did that arrest thing work out where he took a swing at the cop and cussed him out?"

3   jazz music   167/167 = 100% civil   Mar 28, 7:27pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote   top   bottom   home   share  

errc says

"Presence of initial Capital " is a hell of a bullshit way to say 'they inherited it'

I drew you a VIVID picture of exactly HOW that works based on stereotypical reality and personal experience.

4   jazz music   167/167 = 100% civil   Mar 28, 7:20pm  ↑ like (2)   ↓ dislike   quote   top   bottom   home   share  

Those who have backup are bound for the top of the heap as they get tossed into the fray of the rat race. If they still fail to rise they can always fall back on a key role with the father's business, it will ALWAYS be there for them if they need it.

So the lower paid but highly qualified positions are more stable, secure. They will never be singled out for layoff since they are not in the higher compensated categories given any career choice.

If upper class kids are bent on having a STEM career, sigh, they have the luxury of working for a possibly game-changing start-up where they will enjoy the rewards of an equity position with a rising star; on the other hand, a responsible middle class workhorse with a family would never choose such a path and will have to grovel for something less risky, a nice assignment with a Boeing, LockMar, Intel, IBM, HP, Northrup-Grumman rank and file. Clue: if you don't grovel you won't be chosen for the gig, they need you to recognize your position in the grand scheme of things.

The strength of the initial capital comes into play to position the upcoming youngster in a more stable category: higher education, take your time, go to a top name PRIVATE university, fuck up all you want to and then finally get the degree. What the fuck, stay and get the master's degree and keep pissing off your parents too. Stability pays off in the long haul: no money wasted on landlords, car loans or usurious student loans. THAT sets you up head and shoulders above the commoners right there. Because of all these perquisites you will be more popular too. Nice furniture comes easier and so do nice getaways; you are now more valuable and require less cashflow so you can be picky. You are such an interesting person too. How was that tropical vacation this year? Are you going back there next year? How can you lose? --you can go on an ego trip and become a party animal, drive an expensive car, be a drug/sex addict, but don't worry, you will get out of that trap easier too. --just come to dad and ask, mom will scold you and all the mess will vanish into thin air.

Okay now it's time you have to give up your career as professional surfer, dancer, model, photographer, dancer, and parents get you into a mortgage by paying the downpayment: you now owe less, are more stable and require less income.

But you can be a paleontologist, or an oceanographer or a veterinarian, or even an artist, or a dancer, or a photographer, no dog-eat-dog career like military systems engineering where you sabotage each other's careers and betray and claw your way up to the higher misery positions where you may or may not continue to prevail according to your ability to woo a customer type.

When you kick back at your extra nice patio pool barbecue in your exclusive coastal California neighborhood with your fashionable "friends" you will talk shit about the stupid poor people and opine as to what is wrong with them for being in the stupid traps they always end up in.

You will obliviously regard yourself as a self-made man, proudly broadcast this laudable status and heap scorn on those who have fallen on misfortune as you drink too much. You have a solid prenuptial agreement too, thanks dad.


5   jazz music   167/167 = 100% civil   Mar 28, 12:09pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote   top   bottom   home   share  

iwog says

Do you know what this is?

I found the source. The figure is an overlay of the solar "surface's" radiation's infrared absorption frequency with temperature in K and earth's "surface's" outgoing radiation and was created to show that CO2's infrared absorption frequency coincides with earth's infrared emission.

The presenter, Jeff Id, is presumably qualified to discuss infrared spectrophotometry data, and posted your graph and other data here

There was a discussion with 327 comments which I would characterize as being all over the place. I was a little surprized to see such a vigorous discussion on climate which I am led to believe is a dead issue.

The presenter, Jeff Id, said this:

I work in optics and these equations are very familiar. When considering radiative absorption of CO2, we need to look at Plancks equation and the absorption curve of CO2.

... That’s all there is too it. The peak of the [earth's] outgoing radiation lands almost perfectly on top of a CO2 spike. Incoming light goes right through the CO2, outgoing light get’s absorbed and re-emitted.

Radiative physics proven again.

The point is that any skeptical argument having any credibility at all, needs to start from this point. Yes CO2 causes some warming. After this, the world is your oyster and I’m no longer the guide.

Some commenters discussed the importance of accounting for ice in the troposphere, and

the earth’s atmosphere is one of the utmost complex non-linear systems known to man? A system that, it should be pretty clear by now, we understand very little about with certainty, mistaking as we do recurring cycles for actual change. And in all of that uncertainty we purport to understand the actual role of man’s activities?

6   jazz music   167/167 = 100% civil   Mar 28, 11:24am  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote   top   bottom   home   share  

Ceffer says

I was hoping there was a single metric for the end of the world.

Trump administration is not what you were hoping for?

People who wouldn't trust him to make change for $10 have to hope that when he gets the armies, nukes and enforcement he's planning for that he won't use them.

Recommend moving far away from people and deep into some forest where you have your own water, can farm fish and hunt.

7   jazz music   167/167 = 100% civil   Mar 26, 8:45pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote   top   bottom   home   share  

Ain't YouTube great?

No I don't smoke weed or take drugs.

They said Johnny was drunk though when he wrote this tune

8   jazz music   167/167 = 100% civil   Mar 26, 7:59pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote   top   bottom   home   share  

Dan8267 says

I can't even list all the scientific organizations

What was your point?

9   jazz music   167/167 = 100% civil   Mar 26, 7:36pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote   top   bottom   home   share  

... when Putin turns on him he gets injected with an experimental permanent flatulence drug. with implanted sulfur nano-generator.

The whole state of the art system has speech recognition and wifi triggers.

oh the possibilities!

10   jazz music   167/167 = 100% civil   Mar 26, 7:27pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote   top   bottom   home   share  

What, when and how to stop representatives from betraying us for career and fortunes?

US Senate votes on S.J.Res 34, which would use the Congressional Review Act to strip away online privacy protections gained under the FCC and also disallow the FCC from enacting privacy rules in the future.

...Update: US Senate votes 50-48 to do away with broadband privacy rules; let ISPs and telecoms to sell your internet history.

... If you’re wondering whether or not the Senators that proposed S.J.Res 34 received any money from ISPs or telecoms, the answer is a resounding yes.

11   jazz music   167/167 = 100% civil   Mar 26, 12:47pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote   top   bottom   home   share  

President should be someone either in health insurance, enforcement or the military to go along with the fortified swamp, ideally they will all be southern baptists who have no problems keeping their sex twinkies secret. --as long as they aren't democrats it doesn't matter any way.

Who knows maybe being bullshitted is best in the long run! --you can't know until you give him a chance!

12   jazz music   167/167 = 100% civil   Mar 26, 12:38pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote   top   bottom   home   share  

Music may have gotten overly important because of the boomer generation and the prosperity that gave them money to blow on it. Investors undoubtedly saw us coming and correctly reasoned that they could sell this concert mania, musicians on TV episodes and even cartoon musicians, music instruments, recorded music collection. --look at how much of that has fallen to the wayside with internet and the presence on TV is not the same as it was.

There is no baby boom, they are dying! There is no more retirement, jobs aren't that steady so even the young are into investing since saving is now a losing game.

There is no more blowing money except on things like career, health, education debt, cars; even car payment defaults are at an all time high too.

Before young rock music there was jazz which was associated with drinking establishments like cocktail lounges. People don't even go out to drink at all any more, THAT'S TOO EXPENSIVE! People used to have cocktail parties, does any one ever do that any more? Take a drink and people look at you like you are an alcoholic nowadays.

Look at us, all rats in a trap.

13   jazz music   167/167 = 100% civil   Mar 26, 12:27pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote   top   bottom   home   share  

lostand confused says

Hahaha-Trump2020 it is .

That is the funniest thing anyone said all year!

“Speaker Ryan, you come in with all your swagger and experience and you sell ’em a bill of goods, which ends up a complete and total failure, and you allow our president in his first 100 days to come out of the box like that, based on what?” Ms. Pirro said.

...Brendan Buck, a spokesman for Mr. Ryan, said, “The speaker and president talked for an hour yesterday about moving forward on the agenda, and their relationship is stronger than ever right now.”

... Publicly, at least, Mr. Trump was casting blame on Sunday morning not on Mr. Ryan but on the small-government conservatives in the House Freedom Caucus, as well as outside conservative groups.

Ryan feels so empowered now he's ready to start on the income tax overhaul. Billionaire lives matter!

14   jazz music   167/167 = 100% civil   Mar 25, 12:10pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote   top   bottom   home   share  

marcus says

3 plus minute guitar intro

Those are nice sometimes. Nice with Lou Reed.

15   jazz music   167/167 = 100% civil   Mar 24, 6:22pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote   top   bottom   home   share  

Let me know if my links stop working again

16   jazz music   167/167 = 100% civil   Mar 24, 6:14pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote   top   bottom   home   share  

No of course they are going sell them at special auctions for starting bids at 10X retail to collectors as SIGNED rare limited editions with the special badge of the Confederate flag on them!

“I gave them a very strong message … ‘American consumers are not going to want to buy cars stained with the blood of American workers’ ”

MAGA The sky's the limit!

17   jazz music   167/167 = 100% civil   Mar 24, 6:11pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote   top   bottom   home   share  

These leakers are a threat to the national security!

They should be imprisoned at once for these unamerican offenses!

18   jazz music   167/167 = 100% civil   Mar 22, 7:44pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote   top   bottom   home   share  

Chile is a really seismically active place.

I don't know what prevents Chileans street gangs from turning into blood thirsty organ thieves like in nearby Peru.

Have you thought of the sparsely populated fertile areas in California that have their own water near Red Bluff, Tehama County or Humboldt?

What about the Vancouver area, you get to live with decent people there, no red necks or alt right.

19   jazz music   167/167 = 100% civil   Mar 22, 7:22pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote   top   bottom   home   share  

WaPoIsHitler Lipsovitch says

Trump is the reverse

Trump is turning out to be the lyingest kleptocrat that ever got busted at his golf course every other day it seems.

Basically Billionaire Lives Matter while bizarre speeches by Trump placate the working classes ironically who are about to give their health insurance up for a tax break for the 1% ... just for starters.

Healthcare rollback is the highest priority of this administration ... oy! ... that's because this was a strike against the rentier class who can afterwards go back to making wars, getting the slaves off weed, increasing enforcement and surveillance in anticipation of the climax to the current boogeymen crisis while they plot out the next unforeseeable (LOL) financial crash.

There is a reason you can't put your money anywhere safe from losses ... and that there's no more pensions ... and that healthcare is unthinkable to GOP

It's Work or Die. Billionaire Lives Matter.

You either either or slavery or against it triggly poof de damned!

20   jazz music   167/167 = 100% civil   Mar 22, 2:20pm  ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike   quote   top   bottom   home   share  

I usually don't call you on this but "Neoliberal" has an entirely different meaning. Neoliberal if you look it up refers to 20th-century resurgence of 19th-century ideas associated with laissez-faire economic liberalism. -- in other words "Paleo-capitalism."


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